Zeke On the Rise…

Goin' To Da League from From The Basin on Vimeo.

Online Store…

online store final

Pai‘ea Projects is celebrating our economic independence as a Hawaiian-owned business, on Lā Ho‘iho‘i Eā with the launch of our online store! Featuring a pre-sale of 40 Fitted x Pai‘ea Projects Nu‘uanu basketball jerseys. Online store goes live at 9am. I mua!

Views from the South Shore…

This weekend we had the pleasure of enjoying one of the best south swells of the summer from a different perspective. My brother Kekaula flew in from Maui frothing at the forecast for the South Shore. Cuzzo, Sky and Kema launched the Capri M. at the crack of dawn to go trolling, found a cargo net, got a couple shibis and lost an ono. They picked us up at Ala Wai Boat Ramp a couple hours later and it was on. Every time we drove the boat through the channel at Bowls, the sets came rolling in thick. As a good friend of mine likes to say, “Mynahs!” Good thing Cuzzo was confident enough to navigate us through the surf, canoe paddlers and crossing surfers. After a short drive toward DH, we anchored right outside of Three’s, and hopped directly into the lineup. SURF, DRINK, PUPU, REPEAT. That sums up the rest of the day for us.


Bowls was FIRING!


PP Koozie a necessity on the boat.


The Hikianalia under some top-notch navigation.


Then there’s this boat, navigated by some donkey.


Kekaula getting warmed up.


If 5 is good, 10 is better.


Nothing like a cold one right after a surf!


Props to bruddah Sky for cutting up the shibi.


It doesn’t get any fresher than this!


In the words of Ice Cube, “I gotta say, today was a good day.”

Night Surf…

I peeped this short film at the Honolulu Surf Film Festival last week. At first, I thought, “not bad, these guys are getting some nice barrels,” but once the lights turn on, it’s SHOWTIME! Some of the coolest night footage I’ve ever seen.

INVASION FILMS from Band-Originale on Vimeo.


HURLEY + SIG ZANE at Ka Papa Lo`i O Kānewai…

The Kamehameha Surf Team Pack designed by Pai‘ea Projects x Fitted Hawai‘i drops tomorrow…

For Pai‘ea Projects designing this year’s Kamehameha Surf Team pack–a neoprene New Era snapback and “The Great” tee, which drops tomorrow at Fitted– is a homecoming. Earlier this summer, the three founders of this kanaka maoli-owned brand, celebrated our 15-year class reunion at Kamehameha Kapālama, where we all met and became friends. As students we competed on the Kamehameha Surf Team, and despite having some talented surfers on our team we could not win a National Scholastic of Surfing Association (NSSA) team title.

So as alumni and perpetual teammates, Pai‘ea Projects was honored to collaborate with our boys at Fitted Hawai‘i on this collection. This pack celebrates the Kamehameha Surf Team’s 2013-14 NSSA National Interscholastic Team title that they earned this past summer in California. The squad comprised of native Hawaiian student-athletes from Kamehameha Kapālama and Maui campuses was the only team from the islands, competing against 16 schools from North America. This was the first time in NSSA history that a team made up entirely of kanaka maoli surfers won the NSSA National Interscholastic Championship title. Led by Imaikalani DeVault, 16, and Cayla Moore, 17, the Kamehameha Surf Team narrowly beat San Clemente High 110-107, as a result ending the Orange County school’s four-year reign as national champs.

Their win was a shared victory with all of us that view he‘e nalu as a cultural practice and a sport that deserves recognition from the Hawai‘i High School Athletic Association. Furthermore, we at Pai‘ea Projects feel a lot of pride and appreciation for the educational opportunities that was given to us graciously by Kamehameha Schools’ founder, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Without her generosity, we probably wouldn’t be here sharing Hawaiian culture through various Pai‘ea Projects.

As a brand we came together in 2008 to march against Governor Linda Lingle and Attorney General Mark Bennett and the State of Hawai‘is right to sell Hawaiian Ceded Land. Our first products were red t-shirts for the rally in Waikīkī that were spray-painted with the credo “IMPEACH LINGLE.” Since then, Pai‘ea Projects has grown more than we imagined and our ability to share our culture with the world through clothing and collaboration has been a blessing.

“The Great Tee” is the first t-shirt design that Pai‘ea Projects is releasing to the public and we are so stoked for it to be paired with a Fitted Hawai‘i Kam neoprene snapback. Mahalo to Kamehameha Surf Team Captain Charlie Akao, who is a senior at the Kapālama campus, for being an awesome leader and model for this shoot at Kewalos. On any given day, from October to June, you may see Charlie and the team practicing to defend their five-year undefeated record in Hawai‘i and national championship at this South Shore spot. I mua Kamehameha…


Water by Morgan Maassen from NouvelleVagueLA on Vimeo.

Photographer Morgan Maassen shot Coco Ho for the ESPN The Magazine 2014 Body Issue and while he shoots beautiful nudes of one of the most-adored female pro surfers he also knows how to make the ocean look sexy as well.

Zeke x Ito…

Image: Zak Noyle

Our Director of Sales and Marketing, Daniel Ikaika Ito, and our favorite young, Hawaiian surfer, Zeke Lau, lend their talents to’s spot check of Kewalo’s. Click here to read Ito introduce the piece and hear Zeke’s mana‘o on his home break.

Test your equipment…

TESTING DA waterz from cliff kapono on Vimeo.

Before Cliff Kapono headed to Tahiti to film ‘Ike he took his rig out for a test drive at Black’s. Super cool, quick edit with a soulful song makes you want to get a weird, single fin and soul arch into the sunset. The featured track is “Bad Self Portraits” by Lake Street Dive.

Register for ‘Aha Kai Aloha…

The Living Life Source Foundation will host a dawn-to-dusk celebration of traditional Hawaiian surfing on Saturday, Sept. 6 at Kūhio Beach Park in Waikīkī, bringing together youth, local communities and visitors to honor authentic cultural knowledge and practice of Hawai`i’s most famous sport.

Registration is open for eight divisions:
Beginner Under-12
Beginner Over-13
Intermediate Shortboard Under-12
Intermediate Shortboard Over-13
Intermediate Longboard Under-12
Intermediate Longboard Over-13
Adult Shortboard 25 & Over
Adult Longboard 25 & Over

Contest fee is waived for canned good donation on the day of event and you can register for ‘Aha Ka Aloha by clicking here.

Aaron Kai going 100…

Kamehameha Kea‘au alum Aaron Kai was recently interviewed by The Hundreds. Checkout the interview here to read about the young artist’s views on pop culture, Lemon HI, surfing and Dragon Ball Z. KAAAAAAAAMEEEEEHAAAAAAMEEEEEEHAAAAAAAA!

Been Curren…

Tom Curren is 50 years old and is still dropping dimes at 6-foot and firing Jeffery’s Bay. Perfect 10 in the ASP Heritage Series at the J-Bay Pro. That sucks for you, Occy.

Cradle of Storms…

Zeke Lau is the truth…

Kamehameha Surf Team 2014 recap…

Kamehameha Surf Team 2014 Season from Hawaii50 on Vimeo.

Five-Time State Surfing Champs…

MAGIC ISLAND, OAHU (April 28, 2014) – The Kamehameha Surf Team won their fifth consecutive Hawaii Surfing Association State championship by beating Kahuku High School 75-49 this past weekend at Ala Moana Bowls. For the second year in a row it came down to the final event of the season between Kamehameha and Kahuku with both schools entering HSA States with undefeated records, setting the stage for a battle in contestable, 4 to- 6-foot wave face heights on Saturday afternoon. Kamehameha dominated the field of competition, claiming first in all six divisions.

A full high school surf team roster consists of four shortboard boys surfers with two different heats, two body board boys, one bodyboard girl, three shortboard girls, three longboard boys and three longboard girls. Kamehameha Surf Team Boys Shortboard Captain, Chasen Kim, 18, led the charge with a two-wave heat total of 18.75 out of a possible 20 points. As a senior this is Kim’s final year on the squad and has been a valuable member to the Kamehameha Surf Team since his freshmen year.

Girls Captain, Cayla Moore, who is the sister of reigning ASP Women’s World Champ Carissa Moore, was the anchor of the team on Saturday. The junior at Kamehameha placed first in both shortboard and longboard divisions on Saturday. Moore’s signature, front-hand gouge was on full display at Ala Moana Bowls as her sister cheered on the team from Magic Island.

Although Gov. Neil Abercrombie named surfing as an official school sport in 2011, the Hawai‘i High School Athletic Association has yet to implement a formal structure of events and competition format. Currently, OIA and ILH schools organize their surf teams as club sports and compete against each other under HSA. The Kamehameha Surf Team has been HSA State champions for the past five years.

With their five-year, undefeated record in Hawai‘i safely intact and new State Championship trophy up on Kapālama, the Kamehameha Surf Team is training for the National Scholastic of Surfing National Championships in June. They will be the only school from Hawai‘i competing at Dana Point, Calif., the site of NSSA Nationals, which is the most prestigious amateur surfing event in the U.S. I mua Kamehameha!

“Hawai‘i Pono‘i”…

You have to love and respect that the International Surfing Association recognizes Hawai‘i as a nation and when the Hawai‘i Junior Team was awarded the gold medal at the ISA World Junior Championships in Ecuador this past weekend they played “Hawai‘i Pono‘i” during the awards ceremony. Checkout the video below for final day highlights of the event and congratulations to Mahina Maeda, Tatiana Weston-Webb and Team Hawai‘i for bringing home the gold to the islands:

The Box, West Oz…

Glory Box from onepalmMEDIA on Vimeo.

Surfers vs. GMO…


I’ve covered professional surfing for 13 years, so it’s obvious to me after watching the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast that the “new look” Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) is marketing to Brazil. Young Brazilian Gabriel Medina, 20, beat Australian Joel Parkinson, 32, in a shocker final at Parko’s home break: Snapper Rock. Medina’s high scores came from picking off waves on the inside while Parko’s rides were board-breaking, late-drops behind the rock. Parko got barreled and displayed a wide-variety of turns with his signature flow of smooth power. Medina did the same vertical snaps all day and the judges slurped him with scores in the excellent range. This first contest of the World Tour was a sham!

Riding the D…

DICK SURFBOARD !!! from Paul Fisher on Vimeo.



The North Shore’s Aaron Gold is an endangered species of wave rider: the competitive-surfer-shaper. Up in Pupukea hills, under the Gold Surfboard label, he builds guns for big surf hunting. The regular foot­— originally from the Big Island— has been shaping since he was 12. Whenever Phantoms— his favorite big wave on the North Shore—is firing, Gold opts for his trusty, self-shaped 10’2” or 9’6.” Thruster inventor Simon Anderson was the last competitive-surfer-shaper on tour and Gold is only competitor making his own boards on the Big Wave World Tour. He is currently seeking a sponsor’s support to offset travel expenses. Gold isn’t chasing the Big Wave Tour championship. Rather, he sees the contests as a necessary first step to achieving a lifelong goal: an invitation to the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational, which he achieved this winter. His gromhood dream is to win The Eddie, like his hero and fellow Hilo boy Noah Johnson. Like Noah, Gold is a humble, underground big wave surfer with a blue collar. He works as a manager and caretaker for a 30-acre property in Pupukea, where he lives with his wahine and keiki.

Two For Two…

Kelly “Mr. Pipeline” Slater wins the 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro

Forget about J.O.B. and J.J.F. because Kelly Slater is “Mr. Pipeline” for the 2013-14 North Shore winter season. The 11-time world champ won the Volcom Pipe Pro yesterday and the Billabong Pipe Masters in December, giving him eight career victories at the world’s most dangerous wave. His love for the Banzai Pipeline shows in his surfing and it stems from his gromhood.

“Even before I could surf [Pipeline] it’s been my favorite wave because it was so fun to watch,” explained Slater. “The challenge never ends; there were definitely waves out there [yesterday] that I wish I could’ve caught but I couldn’t figure out how to get in to them and you can never feel like you could master a wave like this.”

All of Slater’s competitors in the final of the Volcom Pipe Pro were in their 20’s, but still couldn’t keep up with the 41-year-old from Cocoa Beach, Florida. He had the 8-to 12-foot waves on the last day of competition at the Volcom Pipe Pro final “mastered.” On his opening ride of the final, Slater caught a 10-foot Backdoor drainer right after the hooter, scoring a 9.53. He backed up that score with a 6.17 on smaller right-hander and had the whole field combed after seven minutes. In typical Slater fashion, he rode the shortest and strangest board on the last day of competition: a 6’3” Channel Island quad bat tail.

In contrast, the North Shore’s Mason Ho, 25, rode a 7’0” Mayhem pintail and gave Slater the most competition in the final. Although he finished third, Ho was in the runner up position for the majority of the heat and was one excellent score away from victory. He wasn’t phased by Slater’s opening 9.53 ride and actually relaxed a little bit.

“After Slater got his 9 I loosened up and started screwing with him,” said Ho with a cheeky grin. “Then before I knew it I realized it was still a heat and I had a chance in this thing and I got that right and I really just wanted to get second.”

Ho was still stoked on the result though because it qualified him as a wildcard for the Billabong Pipe Masters. The top eight ASP Hawaii surfers from the Volcom Pipe Pro gain an entry into the final event of the 2014 Championship Tour and Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

Ho would’ve finished runner up to Slater if it wasn’t for a last-minute flurry by Wiggoly Dantas. In last three minutes, the 24-year-old, Brazilian snagged two gaping Pipeline barrels, boosting him out of the combo situation into second place. Fellow countrymen Adriano De Souza, 26, suffered from poor wave selection in the final and finished in fourth place.

1st. Kelly Slater, USA – 15.7 (9.53, 6.17) $20,000
2nd. Wiggolly Dantas, Brazil – 13.77 (8.27, 5.5) $10,000
3rd. Mason Ho, Hawaii – 11.5 (7.7, 3.8) $6,500
4th. Adriano De Souza, Brazil – 10.7 (8.43, 2.27) $5,500