Took a quick overnight trip to Hilo to catch opening night of Merrie Monarch 2016 with Halau o Kekuhi and the Sig Zane for Hurley release party that followed.


















Like most Hawaiians, my family gatherings consisted of ono food, coolers of beer (juice for us kids) and everyone sitting around laughing, singing and jamming on the ukulele. Growing up one song always stood out, Molokaʻi nui ahina. As dad said “it was grandma’s favorite song” and he would always remember her singing it. Alice Pa grew up on Molokaʻi, her family was given one of the first plots of Hawaiian homestead in Hoʻolehua. It’s been many years since her passing but every time I hear this song I will think of my dad, his mom and the friendly island of Molokaʻi.


This past weekend a few friends and I crossed the Kaʻiwi channel in search of surf, solitude and good times. It was my first time along the northern coast and the views were breath taking! I had hiked down to Kalaupapa a few years ago but being off shore in a boat gave me a whole new perspective. With perfect weather, mālie waters, lingering surf and a few curious ‘onos the trip was better than I could have imagined. I am honored to have roots in this beautiful island and grateful for the chance to enjoy it’s beauty.














Tahitian diapers…

In years past a trip to Tahiti consisted of a few friends, board bags, one or two changes of clothes, a standby flight on Hawaiian, and no real plan other than a floor to sleep on and a boat ride out to surf. Life was simple and easy.

Three weeks ago When my fiancé and I decided to spend my birthday together in Tahiti, things got a little hectic. We had 1 week to book our flight, expedite a passport for our 10 month old daughter, book our hotels, Aremiti tickets, and rental car. I’ve never been the type who plans a vacation months ahead and within a couple days we were good to go. Car seat ready, formula and diapers packed and we were off on our first Tahitian family adventure. Next stop Mo’orea!










Nana & Maururu!!! Till we meet again…

Views from the South Shore…

This weekend we had the pleasure of enjoying one of the best south swells of the summer from a different perspective. My brother Kekaula flew in from Maui frothing at the forecast for the South Shore. Cuzzo, Sky and Kema launched the Capri M. at the crack of dawn to go trolling, found a cargo net, got a couple shibis and lost an ono. They picked us up at Ala Wai Boat Ramp a couple hours later and it was on. Every time we drove the boat through the channel at Bowls, the sets came rolling in thick. As a good friend of mine likes to say, “Mynahs!” Good thing Cuzzo was confident enough to navigate us through the surf, canoe paddlers and crossing surfers. After a short drive toward DH, we anchored right outside of Three’s, and hopped directly into the lineup. SURF, DRINK, PUPU, REPEAT. That sums up the rest of the day for us.


Bowls was FIRING!


PP Koozie a necessity on the boat.


The Hikianalia under some top-notch navigation.


Then there’s this boat, navigated by some donkey.


Kekaula getting warmed up.


If 5 is good, 10 is better.


Nothing like a cold one right after a surf!


Props to bruddah Sky for cutting up the shibi.


It doesn’t get any fresher than this!


In the words of Ice Cube, “I gotta say, today was a good day.”

Night Surf…

I peeped this short film at the Honolulu Surf Film Festival last week. At first, I thought, “not bad, these guys are getting some nice barrels,” but once the lights turn on, it’s SHOWTIME! Some of the coolest night footage I’ve ever seen.

INVASION FILMS from Band-Originale on Vimeo.


Imu at Panaʻewa Homestead…

With braddah Ito’s wedding coming up next month, it was time to head back to Hilo to meet up with the ITO clan to imu at their homestead in Pana’ewa. After we put 5 pigs in the ground, we covered the imu late Friday night. With a little help from the excavator, we made quick work of filling in the hole after the pigs were pulled out the next day. The most laborious part was shredding the kalua pig…yes, we were spoiled. It was a quick but productive trip, and like any other trip with the Ito’s it wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Awawaloa waterfall near their house. Cheers to Daniel and Kahina on their upcoming wedding! #MakingMrsIto

Labor Day Big Island…

Still hurting from the Food & Wine Festival the night before, we left Waikaloa and headed up mauka to checkout the Mahiki Ranch branding in Waimea. I’m not gonna lie, it was a little intense. I don’t know what was worse, watching the bulls get their balls cut off or eating them as the freshly fried batch got passed around. A couple bites was enough for me and I chucked it into a cow pie when no one was looking. A few hours later and the branding was pau, we packed up and headed down to Kiholo to spend the rest of this Labor Day weekend straight chillin. Mahalo to Lissa, Jon and the and the rest of the Gendreau Ohana and friends for an amazing weekend!


We just want to congratulate our good friends at Sig Zane Designs for launching their new line Forest Cloud by Sig in New York City at the MAN Trade Show. Follow the new line on Instagram @ForestCloudbySig

Been Curren…

Tom Curren is 50 years old and is still dropping dimes at 6-foot and firing Jeffery’s Bay. Perfect 10 in the ASP Heritage Series at the J-Bay Pro. That sucks for you, Occy.

Cradle of Storms…

Malama Honua…

Call it luck or call it fate, but I was in the right place at the right time! My work at the Kamehameha Schools Keaau Campus was only supposed to last till Thursday, yet for reasons beyond my control, I was forced to extend my trip an extra day. Coincidently, that extra day was the day that Hokulea and Hikianalia were schedule to depart from Hilo to kick off their Malama Honua World Wide Voyage. Thanks to the borrowed camera gear from Brandy & Sig Zane Designs, I was able to capture the event as it unfolded.

Paiea Projects would like to wish the crews a safe voyage across the Pacific to Tahiti!


“Ike: Wisdom to Whisper” documentary project needs your kōkua…

If you would like to help out our homie, Cliff Kapono, with his scientific research then please click on this link.

Hāna, Maui continued…

Being from Maui, I don’t know why I haven’t spent more time in Hāna, but that is something I will have to remedy. A visit to Piʻilanihale Heiau on the grounds of Kahanu Garden was unforgettable. Being able to walk up to the massive walls of the heiau and feel the stones, you really get a sense of how much mana resides at this Hawaiian National Historic Site. Uncle Palani once again dropped knowledge, and everybody listened. Mahalo to Uncle Palani for everything that you do. From hale building, to heiau and fishpond restorations, the lāhui is that much stronger because of all your hard work!

Uncle Palani Sinenci.

Jackfruit, Kahanu Garden.

A couple new friends we made on the way out of Hāna. We chose to exit on the backside, going through Kīpahulu to Kaupō, and eventually upcountry through Ulupalakua.

Thank God for those paved roads.

Shaka you laters, Hāna!

Lehoʻula, Hāna…

Our stay in Hāna started at Holani Hana, a property cared for by the Sinenci ʻOhana. Uncle Palani Sinenci and his wife Esse are some of the most hospitable people Iʻve ever met. They hosted a fishpond conference under their hale, allowing over 100 caretakers of fishponds throughout Hawaii to camp on their lawn. Luckily, I got to tag along with Paepae o Heʻeia and share in this experience with them.
Francis Palani Sinenci is an expert hale builder. From the outdoor bar, to the pizza oven, to the enormous hale that stands 80ʻx30ʻ, you can see he is the king of DIY “Hawaiian style.” He also led the restoration of Piʻilanihale Heiau in Hāna and helped prepare Puʻukoholā heiau for the Hoʻokuʻikahi Celebration in 2010. The man can do it all.

Uncle Palani Sinenci (aka U.P.S.)

From there, some of us drove over to Oprah Winfrey’s gate just down the road, and others walked down her privately owned coast to get to Leho’ula, where many believe stands the first lokoiʻa (fishpond) ever constructed in Hawaiʻi.

Legend has it that this lokoiʻa was built by Kuʻulakai, a man possessed with the supernatural powers of controlling the fish of the sea. Here lie the remnants of what he built centuries ago.

One day, a giant puhi (eel) from Molokaʻi stole fish from his lokoiʻa. Kuʻulakai ordered his son ʻAiʻai to capture and kill the puhi. ʻAiʻai captured the eel and dragged him onshore before killing it with ʻala stones and cutting off his head. The iwikuamoʻo (backbone) of that puhi still lies here at Lehoʻula.

Uncle Palani will be leading the restoration of this fishpond in the coming months. Many fishpond practitioners, including Paepae o Heʻeia, have vowed that they will return to offer their kokua in the restoration of this sacred place.

Last Practice…

Halau O Kekuhi gets in a last practice before tomorrow’s (tonight’s) performance at the 51st Merrie Monarch.

Happy Earth Day…

“Koa Nani” Lehua Rock | Kauai, HI

Hana Hou Whistler…

Holoholo Moloz…

This Molokaʻi huakaʻi was a full-fledged family trip, including 5+ families and then some. We rented a 15 passenger UHaul van and another 10 passenger van to accomodate all the keiki and extra baggage. When we arrived at our beach house, it was exactly the little slice of paradise we all needed to escape the concrete jungle known as Honolulu. The only reason you need to know the time is when it’s 8pm and time to get your hot bread (which I missed). Our stay was short, but the best part was that all the kids got to experience catching some fish, crabs, and whatever else ended up in our nets. Mahalo to our Moloka’i ‘ohana for showing us the ropes down in Moloz. Molokaʻi mo bettah!

Kawelo and his balancing act.

One happy kid!

Blue bone aha

…and off to Whistler (via Honolulu) we go!

Holo Holo Whistler…

Without fail, Whistler delivered. We showed up Friday morning with less than ideal conditions. Sunny skies and icy runs, no one wants to fall on the ice. Then Saturday night it started to dump, and isn’t forecasted to stop till Friday. Thought it’s hard to leave knowing how good it will be today and the days to come, I am grateful for the snow we had and countless powder runs I explored off 7th Heaven yesterday. Till next time, Aloha Eh!


Pow Wow Hawaiʻi and PVS from Oiwi TV on Vimeo.


I had the privilege to shoot some studio portraits for Halau O Kekuhi during their recent performance of Hi’iakaikano’eau at the Maui Arts & Culture Center. It was an incredible performance to witness and even more special was the chance to document this historic part of Hawaiian Culture as the first time Kapa was worn in a theatrical hula performance.

The malo Ulu is wearing was created by Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond (pictured below). It is an 18ft kapa piece she made as a replica of older malo she had seen at the Bishop Museum.

While you were watching the Super (lame) Bowl…

We were busy livin that Omoka’a Lifestyle!!! #luckywelivehi

#KZX10 Recap…

Kuha’o Zane celebrated a decade of designing t-shirts, textiles and identities for Sig Zane Designs in Hilo this past weekend with an art exhibit and auction in Hilo titled, “10 X 10 X 10.” All of the proceeds from the event, which was held at the Sig Zane shop, benefitted the Edith Kanaka‘ole Foundation. Although “10 X 10 X 10” was a fundraiser, it was more a retrospective look at the evolution of KZ’s designs and precursor to his 31st birthday weekend.

Brandy Serikaku & Kamea Hadar painting on their collaborative pieces for the event. KZ digitally created the 45″X24″ stretched canvases with Kamea and Brandy contributing their artistic interpretations.

Brandy has been working with Sig Zane Designs/SZ Kaio for the past seven years as the design department director and is KZ’s right-hand wahine in the office.

Pow Wow Hawai‘i Co-Lead Director Kamea Hadar flew over from Oahu to contribute to “10 X 10 X 10.”

1001 Stories’ Oz & John flew over to film and hang out… oh and they brought that MB guy, too…Pffft.

These t-shirts tell a color story of Kuha‘o’s t-shirt designs over the past 10 years.

– 7pm Pahtey time! Live auction started at $500 a piece and quickly climbed. Aloha Mondays served up ono pupus for everyone while WAIOLA LIFE, Kona Brew & Kadota Liquors kept everyone hydrated… and then dehydrated.

Ed Olson and Lori Kai checkout the bids.

Why you so gangsta, El? Kaina, Sig, Isaac and Daniel wonder…

Kahina Perkins, Jun Hasegawa and Iris Huddy stay cruising.

Hawaiians! Matt Kema and Cliff Kapono.

Uncle Bobo, Aunty Pili, Cousin Haunani and Aunty Nalani: the whole crew.

That guy: Matt Bruening.

A lot of talented designers have worked in the Sig Zane office over the years: Brandy Serikaku, Kuha‘o, Cody Welsh and Keana Madden.

Kamea killed it with his image of Kuha‘o’s mom, Nalani Kanaka‘ole, on his collaborative Hilo Braid piece.

Brandy’s Na Haumana piece and its proud new owner Logan Ioane-Carvalho.

– All Pau, relocate em to MV’s with grenades for all!

“It’s our party we can do what we want (no drama)…”

Couldn’t bring the Veuve bottle so had to drink em from a pitcher?

Honolulu fashionistas came for party, too! What’s good, Pineapple Ice?!

In Spanish El Bula means “The Bula.” In Hilo, this is a picture of El and Bula.


Through His Lens…

Sig shared this awesome video of Rob Machadoʻs Through His Lens series which they filmed during a week together in Hilo. Canʻt wait to see the finished product!