Hurley x Contrast Anti-Canvas…

“Eh, no such thing: No can, always can”…

If you need a pick me up on the road to success then listen to the wise words of Hawai‘i Island Mayor, Billy Kenoi, to Hawai‘i Pacific University’s graduating class.

Ground Crew…

Hawaiian Airlines x POW! WOW! x Fitted: Ground Service Vehicle Project from POW! WOW! Hawaii on Vimeo.

The Kamehameha Surf Team Pack designed by Pai‘ea Projects x Fitted Hawai‘i drops tomorrow…

For Pai‘ea Projects designing this year’s Kamehameha Surf Team pack–a neoprene New Era snapback and “The Great” tee, which drops tomorrow at Fitted– is a homecoming. Earlier this summer, the three founders of this kanaka maoli-owned brand, celebrated our 15-year class reunion at Kamehameha Kapālama, where we all met and became friends. As students we competed on the Kamehameha Surf Team, and despite having some talented surfers on our team we could not win a National Scholastic of Surfing Association (NSSA) team title.

So as alumni and perpetual teammates, Pai‘ea Projects was honored to collaborate with our boys at Fitted Hawai‘i on this collection. This pack celebrates the Kamehameha Surf Team’s 2013-14 NSSA National Interscholastic Team title that they earned this past summer in California. The squad comprised of native Hawaiian student-athletes from Kamehameha Kapālama and Maui campuses was the only team from the islands, competing against 16 schools from North America. This was the first time in NSSA history that a team made up entirely of kanaka maoli surfers won the NSSA National Interscholastic Championship title. Led by Imaikalani DeVault, 16, and Cayla Moore, 17, the Kamehameha Surf Team narrowly beat San Clemente High 110-107, as a result ending the Orange County school’s four-year reign as national champs.

Their win was a shared victory with all of us that view he‘e nalu as a cultural practice and a sport that deserves recognition from the Hawai‘i High School Athletic Association. Furthermore, we at Pai‘ea Projects feel a lot of pride and appreciation for the educational opportunities that was given to us graciously by Kamehameha Schools’ founder, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Without her generosity, we probably wouldn’t be here sharing Hawaiian culture through various Pai‘ea Projects.

As a brand we came together in 2008 to march against Governor Linda Lingle and Attorney General Mark Bennett and the State of Hawai‘is right to sell Hawaiian Ceded Land. Our first products were red t-shirts for the rally in Waikīkī that were spray-painted with the credo “IMPEACH LINGLE.” Since then, Pai‘ea Projects has grown more than we imagined and our ability to share our culture with the world through clothing and collaboration has been a blessing.

“The Great Tee” is the first t-shirt design that Pai‘ea Projects is releasing to the public and we are so stoked for it to be paired with a Fitted Hawai‘i Kam neoprene snapback. Mahalo to Kamehameha Surf Team Captain Charlie Akao, who is a senior at the Kapālama campus, for being an awesome leader and model for this shoot at Kewalos. On any given day, from October to June, you may see Charlie and the team practicing to defend their five-year undefeated record in Hawai‘i and national championship at this South Shore spot. I mua Kamehameha…

2nd Annual Paiʻea Projects Podagee Horseshoe Invitational #PPPHI…

This year’s Podagee Horseshoe Invitational featured many familiar faces, as well as some new. It’s always nice to mix it up with some different peeps and share your thoughts, stories, and of course some Coors Lights. Competition was fierce, but the overall vibe was full of aloha, and everyone was down to have some good, clean fun. This event seems to get better every year, and we’re already looking forward to doing it again next year. To everyone who came out, HUGE MAHALO for the good times and great competition. PODAGEES STAND UP!

The arena featured 4 courts; FITTED, WAIOLA, SCOTT HAWAII, and PAIEA PROJECTS

Jah Gumby of @fatherpsalmstv came through with the killa set that had everybody jammin to the best roots music you could imagine. His library of roots is 2nd to none.

Joel Centeio of Team Moody, and Damien of Team Scott.

That Damien guy, and Ola of FITTED.

Team Paiʻea Projects vs. Team SHOOTS

Team Paiʻea Prospects (last year’s champs) vs. Team Konagetit

Team HRDLCK always stay thirsty

Some cool braddahs from Waialua came through. Although Team Nixon and Camel Toejahs didn’t win, they thrived in the “cash games” during the after party.

Team MAUI & No Harm No Foul

Team SCOTT & Palolo’s Finest

Ola of FITTED, with daughter Banksy, who’s becoming the youngest fixture at the tournament. What a trooper!

Damien, of Team Scott, took home the award for best dressed.

If there was ever a dull moment, that was remedied by a shot of FIREBALL!

This is what a CoorslightRasta looks like.

Team Fresh Cafe (Steven & Larson)

Team Paiʻea Projects made it to the Final, but Team Konagetit was too hot to #HANDODAT

Congratulations Team Konagetit on a well-deserved win! They brought their “A-game” this year.

Labor Day Big Island…

Still hurting from the Food & Wine Festival the night before, we left Waikaloa and headed up mauka to checkout the Mahiki Ranch branding in Waimea. I’m not gonna lie, it was a little intense. I don’t know what was worse, watching the bulls get their balls cut off or eating them as the freshly fried batch got passed around. A couple bites was enough for me and I chucked it into a cow pie when no one was looking. A few hours later and the branding was pau, we packed up and headed down to Kiholo to spend the rest of this Labor Day weekend straight chillin. Mahalo to Lissa, Jon and the and the rest of the Gendreau Ohana and friends for an amazing weekend!

(The Big Dance)…

Zeke x Ito…

Image: Zak Noyle

Our Director of Sales and Marketing, Daniel Ikaika Ito, and our favorite young, Hawaiian surfer, Zeke Lau, lend their talents to Surfline.com’s spot check of Kewalo’s. Click here to read Ito introduce the piece and hear Zeke’s mana‘o on his home break.

Test your equipment…

TESTING DA waterz from cliff kapono on Vimeo.

Before Cliff Kapono headed to Tahiti to film ‘Ike he took his rig out for a test drive at Black’s. Super cool, quick edit with a soulful song makes you want to get a weird, single fin and soul arch into the sunset. The featured track is “Bad Self Portraits” by Lake Street Dive.

Register for ‘Aha Kai Aloha…

The Living Life Source Foundation will host a dawn-to-dusk celebration of traditional Hawaiian surfing on Saturday, Sept. 6 at Kūhio Beach Park in Waikīkī, bringing together youth, local communities and visitors to honor authentic cultural knowledge and practice of Hawai`i’s most famous sport.

Registration is open for eight divisions:
Beginner Under-12
Beginner Over-13
Intermediate Shortboard Under-12
Intermediate Shortboard Over-13
Intermediate Longboard Under-12
Intermediate Longboard Over-13
Adult Shortboard 25 & Over
Adult Longboard 25 & Over

Contest fee is waived for canned good donation on the day of event and you can register for ‘Aha Ka Aloha by clicking here.


We just want to congratulate our good friends at Sig Zane Designs for launching their new line Forest Cloud by Sig in New York City at the MAN Trade Show. Follow the new line on Instagram @ForestCloudbySig

Coming soon…

A sneak peak of a project we’ve been working on with Fitted for the “home team.” You’ll see what we mean next month.

Aaron Kai going 100…

Kamehameha Kea‘au alum Aaron Kai was recently interviewed by The Hundreds. Checkout the interview here to read about the young artist’s views on pop culture, Lemon HI, surfing and Dragon Ball Z. KAAAAAAAAMEEEEEHAAAAAAMEEEEEEHAAAAAAAA!

Ashley Lilinoe got next…

Malama Honua…

Call it luck or call it fate, but I was in the right place at the right time! My work at the Kamehameha Schools Keaau Campus was only supposed to last till Thursday, yet for reasons beyond my control, I was forced to extend my trip an extra day. Coincidently, that extra day was the day that Hokulea and Hikianalia were schedule to depart from Hilo to kick off their Malama Honua World Wide Voyage. Thanks to the borrowed camera gear from Brandy & Sig Zane Designs, I was able to capture the event as it unfolded.

Paiea Projects would like to wish the crews a safe voyage across the Pacific to Tahiti!


“Ike: Wisdom to Whisper” documentary project needs your kōkua…

If you would like to help out our homie, Cliff Kapono, with his scientific research then please click on this link.


The Talk of the Sea from POW! WOW! Hawaii on Vimeo.


TUNE IN on June 8th on NBC at 8pm ET to help support Hawaii’s Moani Hara at the 2014 MISS USA® Competition LIVE from the Baton Rouge River Center in Louisiana.

Dear Mainland…

Our good bruddah, Blake “Brutus” LaBenz (playing the ukulele) is featured in a couple of Kona Brewing Company commercials set to air in the west coast of the mainland. Well-written, well-executed and directed by Aaron Ruell (Kip from Napoleon Dynamite), these clips definitely make me wanna have 23 happy hours and focus more on “single-tasking.”

Zeke Lau is the truth…

Hāna, Maui continued…

Being from Maui, I don’t know why I haven’t spent more time in Hāna, but that is something I will have to remedy. A visit to Piʻilanihale Heiau on the grounds of Kahanu Garden was unforgettable. Being able to walk up to the massive walls of the heiau and feel the stones, you really get a sense of how much mana resides at this Hawaiian National Historic Site. Uncle Palani once again dropped knowledge, and everybody listened. Mahalo to Uncle Palani for everything that you do. From hale building, to heiau and fishpond restorations, the lāhui is that much stronger because of all your hard work!

Uncle Palani Sinenci.

Jackfruit, Kahanu Garden.

A couple new friends we made on the way out of Hāna. We chose to exit on the backside, going through Kīpahulu to Kaupō, and eventually upcountry through Ulupalakua.

Thank God for those paved roads.

Shaka you laters, Hāna!

Kamehameha Surf Team 2014 recap…

Kamehameha Surf Team 2014 Season from Hawaii50 on Vimeo.

Lehoʻula, Hāna…

Our stay in Hāna started at Holani Hana, a property cared for by the Sinenci ʻOhana. Uncle Palani Sinenci and his wife Esse are some of the most hospitable people Iʻve ever met. They hosted a fishpond conference under their hale, allowing over 100 caretakers of fishponds throughout Hawaii to camp on their lawn. Luckily, I got to tag along with Paepae o Heʻeia and share in this experience with them.
Francis Palani Sinenci is an expert hale builder. From the outdoor bar, to the pizza oven, to the enormous hale that stands 80ʻx30ʻ, you can see he is the king of DIY “Hawaiian style.” He also led the restoration of Piʻilanihale Heiau in Hāna and helped prepare Puʻukoholā heiau for the Hoʻokuʻikahi Celebration in 2010. The man can do it all.

Uncle Palani Sinenci (aka U.P.S.)

From there, some of us drove over to Oprah Winfrey’s gate just down the road, and others walked down her privately owned coast to get to Leho’ula, where many believe stands the first lokoiʻa (fishpond) ever constructed in Hawaiʻi.

Legend has it that this lokoiʻa was built by Kuʻulakai, a man possessed with the supernatural powers of controlling the fish of the sea. Here lie the remnants of what he built centuries ago.

One day, a giant puhi (eel) from Molokaʻi stole fish from his lokoiʻa. Kuʻulakai ordered his son ʻAiʻai to capture and kill the puhi. ʻAiʻai captured the eel and dragged him onshore before killing it with ʻala stones and cutting off his head. The iwikuamoʻo (backbone) of that puhi still lies here at Lehoʻula.

Uncle Palani will be leading the restoration of this fishpond in the coming months. Many fishpond practitioners, including Paepae o Heʻeia, have vowed that they will return to offer their kokua in the restoration of this sacred place.

Light & Love for Lori…

A benefit concert for Lori Lilly and leukemia awareness this Sunday at The Crown. Please show your Aloha and come out. If you can’t make the event then you can also donate to Lori’s battle with AML (acute myeloid leukemia) here.