Rest In Paradise Rev. Dennis Kamakahi

The three-time Grammy Award winner and composer of over 500 songs passed away at 61 years old after a battle with cancer. A hui hou e Kahu…

Five-Time State Surfing Champs…

MAGIC ISLAND, OAHU (April 28, 2014) – The Kamehameha Surf Team won their fifth consecutive Hawaii Surfing Association State championship by beating Kahuku High School 75-49 this past weekend at Ala Moana Bowls. For the second year in a row it came down to the final event of the season between Kamehameha and Kahuku with both schools entering HSA States with undefeated records, setting the stage for a battle in contestable, 4 to- 6-foot wave face heights on Saturday afternoon. Kamehameha dominated the field of competition, claiming first in all six divisions.

A full high school surf team roster consists of four shortboard boys surfers with two different heats, two body board boys, one bodyboard girl, three shortboard girls, three longboard boys and three longboard girls. Kamehameha Surf Team Boys Shortboard Captain, Chasen Kim, 18, led the charge with a two-wave heat total of 18.75 out of a possible 20 points. As a senior this is Kim’s final year on the squad and has been a valuable member to the Kamehameha Surf Team since his freshmen year.

Girls Captain, Cayla Moore, who is the sister of reigning ASP Women’s World Champ Carissa Moore, was the anchor of the team on Saturday. The junior at Kamehameha placed first in both shortboard and longboard divisions on Saturday. Moore’s signature, front-hand gouge was on full display at Ala Moana Bowls as her sister cheered on the team from Magic Island.

Although Gov. Neil Abercrombie named surfing as an official school sport in 2011, the Hawai‘i High School Athletic Association has yet to implement a formal structure of events and competition format. Currently, OIA and ILH schools organize their surf teams as club sports and compete against each other under HSA. The Kamehameha Surf Team has been HSA State champions for the past five years.

With their five-year, undefeated record in Hawai‘i safely intact and new State Championship trophy up on Kapālama, the Kamehameha Surf Team is training for the National Scholastic of Surfing National Championships in June. They will be the only school from Hawai‘i competing at Dana Point, Calif., the site of NSSA Nationals, which is the most prestigious amateur surfing event in the U.S. I mua Kamehameha!

O ke kahua ma mua, ma hope ke kūkulu…

“First the site, then the building.”

In a 1910 photo of Heʻeia Fishpond (shown below) there is a hale kiaʻi (guardian hale) at every one our six mākāhā. This vision inspired Paepae o Heʻeia to build a hale kiaʻi at our first restored mākāhā in 2010. Please join us as we reconstruct two new hale kiaʻi at our next two kai mākāhā! We are using this momentous occasion as an opportunity to inspire others to build hale.

– Noelle Kauanoe Campbell, Paepae o Heʻeia

Hale Kiaʻi, literally meaning guard house, serve many important functions for the lokoiʻa. Hale kiaʻi were located at every mākāhā. One of its main purposes was to guard the lokoiʻa from predators, both fish and human alike. Its kapu to fish in or near the pond so hale kiaʻi were set up to enforce the kapu. If people were caught fishing in restricted areas of the pond, the transgression could be punishable by death. Another purpose of the hale kiaʻi was to provide shelter from the sun, wind and rain for workers manning the gates of the mākāhā.

For tickets, go to halekiai.eventbrite.com

The lone restored hale at Heʻeia Fishpond.

Heʻeia Fishpond, circa 1910.


“Cherishing the Reflection”

Hula Aihaa and Ka Hana Kapa are practices that continue to illustrate unparalleled craft and skill. The memory of Technique is a component in the NDA of our people that preserves in this contemporary world. This skill set is a reminder and premonition – at the same time. Exploring, practicing, perfecting, and evolving the specific skill set, determination and commitments are rewarded.

Last January, the Halau O Kekuhi and Ka Poe Hana Kapa brought forth a collaborated effort of chant, dance, and cloth. The metaphor of the oloa (the kappa), the chanting, and the aihaa, is the fusion of societies and encourages the longevity of the practices that we steward.

Capturing the individual – moments before the performance – we discover a sense of acceptance of skill and craft about to unfold. Deftly they move. Adept is the execution. Cherished are the reflections!

“What is your craft?
How are you carrying this skill set into the future and make it applicable to now and the future?”

Creative Director: Kuhao Zane
Photography: Paul Kema
Photo Director: Brandy-Alia Serikaku

– Sig Zane

These 12″ x 48″ canvases will be on display and for sale at Sig Zane Designs during Merrie Monarch.

Last Practice…

Halau O Kekuhi gets in a last practice before tomorrow’s (tonight’s) performance at the 51st Merrie Monarch.

Happy Earth Day…

“Koa Nani” Lehua Rock | Kauai, HI

“It’s not about catching the fish, sometimes it’s about catching the fish at the right time, it’s about catching the fish for one purpose”…

Nā Loea: Mālama Moʻomomi from Oiwi TV on Vimeo.

“Hawai‘i Pono‘i”…

You have to love and respect that the International Surfing Association recognizes Hawai‘i as a nation and when the Hawai‘i Junior Team was awarded the gold medal at the ISA World Junior Championships in Ecuador this past weekend they played “Hawai‘i Pono‘i” during the awards ceremony. Checkout the video below for final day highlights of the event and congratulations to Mahina Maeda, Tatiana Weston-Webb and Team Hawai‘i for bringing home the gold to the islands:

Hana Hou Whistler…

Holoholo Moloz…

This Molokaʻi huakaʻi was a full-fledged family trip, including 5+ families and then some. We rented a 15 passenger UHaul van and another 10 passenger van to accomodate all the keiki and extra baggage. When we arrived at our beach house, it was exactly the little slice of paradise we all needed to escape the concrete jungle known as Honolulu. The only reason you need to know the time is when it’s 8pm and time to get your hot bread (which I missed). Our stay was short, but the best part was that all the kids got to experience catching some fish, crabs, and whatever else ended up in our nets. Mahalo to our Moloka’i ‘ohana for showing us the ropes down in Moloz. Molokaʻi mo bettah!

Kawelo and his balancing act.

One happy kid!

Blue bone aha

…and off to Whistler (via Honolulu) we go!

POW! WOW! Hawaii Recap…


Another exceptional event put on by our good friends Kamea Hadar and Jasper Wong. Every event gets bigger and better, and this year was no exception. Here’s an insider’s view of the event and the POW! WOW! Hawaii family and experience by WEREHAUS. Peep our very first PUUKOHOLA jersey at the 6:51 mark…Mahalo @kameahadar!

Dry Box Workshop…

Paepae o Heʻeia held a dry box workshop, under their grant with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, at Heʻeia Fishpond last Saturday. Dry boxes are awesome to have not only to dry fish, but fruits, vegetables, etc. Traditionally, dry boxes werenʻt needed because there were no flies in Hawaiʻi, however nowadays the box is meant to keep the food sanitary. Back in the day things were just dried on rocks or hung on lines to dry and always heavily salted to aid in the preservation of food. Salting and drying were the only way to preserve food for long periods of time without refrigerators.

Lopaka Aiwohi and Eric Enos (shown teaching above) were the guest experts all the way from Kaʻala Farm in Waiʻanae Valley. Aiwohi is an all around kanaka, skilled in fishing, hunting and all outdoor activities. Enos is a long time Waiʻanae resident who is the co-founder of Kaʻala Farm, Inc., a Wai‘anae based community organization that has operated the Cultural Learning Center at Ka‘ala for nearly three decades.

The men from Kaʻala Farm showed up with 25 prepared dry box kits, complete with color coded instructions. They put in a lot of work cutting all the wood to the perfect size just to make the workshop flow smoother. It paid off because each participant left happily with a completed dry box.

The finished product. Mahalo to Lopaka Aiwohi, Eric Enos, Paepae o Heʻeia and all the participants who came out to make this workshop a success!


Pow Wow Hawaiʻi and PVS from Oiwi TV on Vimeo.


POW WOW HAWAII 2014 pt2…

POW WOW HAWAII 2014 pt1…

Finally had the chance to walk around Kaka’ako today and check out all the action. As anticipated, I was simply in awe of the amazing f’ing pieces these artists created. Here’s a little photo recap of my stroll through my 50mm…


I had the privilege to shoot some studio portraits for Halau O Kekuhi during their recent performance of Hi’iakaikano’eau at the Maui Arts & Culture Center. It was an incredible performance to witness and even more special was the chance to document this historic part of Hawaiian Culture as the first time Kapa was worn in a theatrical hula performance.

The malo Ulu is wearing was created by Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond (pictured below). It is an 18ft kapa piece she made as a replica of older malo she had seen at the Bishop Museum.

While you were watching the Super (lame) Bowl…

We were busy livin that Omoka’a Lifestyle!!! #luckywelivehi

The 10th Annual Kona Surf Film Festival presented by Altres Hawai‘i…

10th Annual Kona Surf Film Festival – Dorian from FOLKLORE MOVIE on Vimeo.

10th Annual Kona Surf Film Festival presented by Altres Hawaii Schedule…to purchase tickets click here.

JAN. 31 FRIDAY – doors open at 5pm

Live Music by Kimie Miner 

 “Chasing Giants” starring Shane Dorian
(Talk Story with Shane and Filmmaker Bill Keily)

7:15pm – “Slow is Fast”

8:00pm – “Live From the Moon”
(Talk Story with Filmmaker Greg Browning)

9pm – “Se7en Signs” with short films including “Finnisterre FV25,” “My Brother Sam” and others

FEB. 1 SATURDAY MATINEES – opens at noon

By donation for pass holders, $10 to the public.

12:00 pm – “Old Young Surf”

2:00 pm – “Restrito”

2:30 pm – Opening Reception and WORLD PREMIERE of “MANA”
(Talk Story with Cast and Crew)
featuring Live Music by Lindsay Perry and Dan Brauer

3:30pm – “MANA”

SATURDAY – doors open at 5pm

Live Music by RootHub

6:30pm – “Done” starring John John Florence

6:55pm – “Flux: Redefining Women’s Surfing”
(Talk Story with Filmmaker Sarah Lee)

7:30pm – “Alison’s Adventures”
(Talk Story with Filmmaker Alison Teal)

8:15pm – “Black Sapphire Sea”

8:35pm – “Hawaiian: the Eddie Aikau Story”

Free Diving…

Iʻve done my share of diving here on Oahu but rarely find myself in situations like this. Itʻs refreshing to see people dive without the intention of shooting and killing everything in site! Anyway, I came across these videos from a guy on Maui and had to repost them for anyone else who enjoys underwater hunting as much as I do!

ʻOhana by Hawaiian…

KZ sent us these photos from last Friday when both he and his dad finally got to see (and kiss) their ʻOhana Plane. 3 planes have been completed thus far, and based on the video below, I can see why the painting process takes so long. I canʻt wait to ride on this Sig Zane Designs creation, got my pole ready for Molokaʻi! Oh, and nice shirt btw Kuhao!

#KZX10 Recap…

Kuha’o Zane celebrated a decade of designing t-shirts, textiles and identities for Sig Zane Designs in Hilo this past weekend with an art exhibit and auction in Hilo titled, “10 X 10 X 10.” All of the proceeds from the event, which was held at the Sig Zane shop, benefitted the Edith Kanaka‘ole Foundation. Although “10 X 10 X 10” was a fundraiser, it was more a retrospective look at the evolution of KZ’s designs and precursor to his 31st birthday weekend.

Brandy Serikaku & Kamea Hadar painting on their collaborative pieces for the event. KZ digitally created the 45″X24″ stretched canvases with Kamea and Brandy contributing their artistic interpretations.

Brandy has been working with Sig Zane Designs/SZ Kaio for the past seven years as the design department director and is KZ’s right-hand wahine in the office.

Pow Wow Hawai‘i Co-Lead Director Kamea Hadar flew over from Oahu to contribute to “10 X 10 X 10.”

1001 Stories’ Oz & John flew over to film and hang out… oh and they brought that MB guy, too…Pffft.

These t-shirts tell a color story of Kuha‘o’s t-shirt designs over the past 10 years.

– 7pm Pahtey time! Live auction started at $500 a piece and quickly climbed. Aloha Mondays served up ono pupus for everyone while WAIOLA LIFE, Kona Brew & Kadota Liquors kept everyone hydrated… and then dehydrated.

Ed Olson and Lori Kai checkout the bids.

Why you so gangsta, El? Kaina, Sig, Isaac and Daniel wonder…

Kahina Perkins, Jun Hasegawa and Iris Huddy stay cruising.

Hawaiians! Matt Kema and Cliff Kapono.

Uncle Bobo, Aunty Pili, Cousin Haunani and Aunty Nalani: the whole crew.

That guy: Matt Bruening.

A lot of talented designers have worked in the Sig Zane office over the years: Brandy Serikaku, Kuha‘o, Cody Welsh and Keana Madden.

Kamea killed it with his image of Kuha‘o’s mom, Nalani Kanaka‘ole, on his collaborative Hilo Braid piece.

Brandy’s Na Haumana piece and its proud new owner Logan Ioane-Carvalho.

– All Pau, relocate em to MV’s with grenades for all!

“It’s our party we can do what we want (no drama)…”

Couldn’t bring the Veuve bottle so had to drink em from a pitcher?

Honolulu fashionistas came for party, too! What’s good, Pineapple Ice?!

In Spanish El Bula means “The Bula.” In Hilo, this is a picture of El and Bula.


Through His Lens…

Sig shared this awesome video of Rob Machadoʻs Through His Lens series which they filmed during a week together in Hilo. Canʻt wait to see the finished product!


view full gallery on flickr