We do this for the people! The Fitted + Pai‘ea Projects Mānoa (Kānaka) Pack drops on Saturday, March 13 at 11am (online and in-store at Fitted Hawaii) and is the final installment of the two-part collection themed Mānoa Ali‘i, Mānoa Kānaka (Mānoa of the Chiefs, Mānoa of the Commoners).

I ka wā kahiko (ancient times) an imaginary line was drawn from Puʻu o Mānoa (Rocky Hill) above Punahou School to the low, green hill, Puʻu Luahine (in back of the Chinese cemetery), at the head of Mānoa Valley. The chiefs resided on the west side, the commoners on the east.

This limited-edition Fitted + Pai‘ea Project Mānoa Kānaka collection features two 90’s throwback Bows’ basketball jerseys: a Green Kānaka Edition and a Black Kaona (town) Edition; a white New Era 9FIFTY Rip-Stop Mua Snapback; and a gray “The Great Tee” track shirt with a matching green design. The #2 on the jersey signifies the division of the valley separating aliʻi and kānaka.

Today, the people of O‘ahu regard Mānoa as a very popular residential neighborhood with many good schools in the district. Model Kahanu Cuban is a teacher at Punana Leo o Mānoa as well as a student of Hawai‘inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Before Kahanu, U.H. and the many houses in the valley there were hundreds of lo‘i that fed the kānaka of Mānoa. While there are not many lo‘i left there is Ka Papa Lo‘i o Kanewai on Dole Street. It serves as a Hawaiian cultural and education outreach program for the Hawai‘inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge.

Over three decades ago, several U.H. Mānoa students re-discovered the abandoned ‘auwai at Kanewai. This group became known as Ho‘okahewai Ho‘oulu ‘Aina based on the philosophy “make the water flow, make the land productive.” They restored the flow of water, and planted kalo and other native plants in the areas surrounding the lo‘i. The students received guidance from the kupuna such as Uncle Harry Kunihi Mitchell and ‘Anakala Eddie Kaanana. Today, the traditional mahi‘ai practices continue to be perpetuated at Ka Papa Lo‘i o Kanewai.


Kapālama Collection…

If one is to nānā i ke kumu of Pai‘ea Projects you will find that we bleed blue and white, and we celebrate this lineage with the Kapālama Collection. This pack is anchored by the Kapālama jersey and accentuated by a navy New Era 9Fifty snapback and “The Great” dry-fit tee. “Look to the source” of the Kapālama Collection and you will see that the roots of our brand run deep on this hill.

Kamehameha Schools Kapālama was ground zero for the founders of this brand. They met as 7th graders in the mid-90s and remained friends throughout their formative years all the way to the present.

Eventually, the trio of Kamehameha Schools alumni formed Pai‘ea Projects in 2009 when they marched in Waikīkī to protest Gov. Linda Lingle and Attorney General Mark Bennet’s case for the State of Hawai‘i to have the ability to sell Hawaiian Ceded Lands. Although Lingle and Bennett would win the case, much to the dismay of the lāhui, Pai‘ea Projects would “I mua” past the controversial ruling.

The color way of the Kapālama basketball jersey is inspired by the Oklahoma City Thunder’s alternate uniform, and is a tribute to the O.G. Kamehameha Schools campus. “0” is a reference to “ground zero” where the Pai‘ea Projects founders met, but it’s also a reference to a story about Pai‘ea and the conquering of O‘ahu.

Upon arrival on Oʻahu for the Battle of Nuʻuanu, Kamehameha The Great’s fleet covered the sea from Waiʻalae to Waikīkī. For three days he began to organize his forces and prepare his battle strategy. On the third night, he climbed up above Hauhaukoi, Kapālama. This journey up to Kapālama was for Paiʻea to drink ʻawa at the sacred heiau of Lonoikekūpaliʻi. When the ʻawa ceremony was complete, Paiʻea and his companions returned to Waikīkī where his armies were encamped. The next day, Kamehameha The Great and his army would win the Battle of Nuʻuanu. Thus, conquering O‘ahu.

After Kamehamehaʻs victory at Nuʻuanu, he immediately ordered that food be cultivated and the kalo patches be repaired. Pai‘ea toured O‘ahu to inspire the idea of farming for abundance and prosperity. However, before he began his journey, Kamehameha commenced the planting of kalo at Kapālama. The warriors and chiefs alike participated in the work of farming the ‘āina and feeding the people of O‘ahu.

The Kapālama Collection drops at 12 noon on Aloha Friday, Sept. 7 with the rising of a Lono moon: a lunar phase that our kupuna knew as an excellent day to plant crops and cultivate relationships. I mua.


Paiʻea Projects + Fitted “Miloli’i ‘Ōpelu Project”…

Video: Adam Palumbovisionhorsemedia

The Pai’ea Projects + Fitted “Miloli’i ‘Ōpelu Project” pays homage to our creative director’s home away from home: The last Hawaiian fishing village. According to Paul Kema, going to Miloli’i is like traveling back in time. From the moment you hit the 89th mile marker and slowly descend the windy road to the village you are instantly taken back to an older Hawaii. Lacking the distractions of city life, the absence of electricity and running water, life is simple there. People hold strong to the cultural values and knowledge passed down through generations. It is the last Hawaiian fishing village. The ocean is their ice box and remains their kuleana to preserve, protect and mālama it for future generations.

FP_milolii_vhm_3805Photo: Adam Palumbo

As a city boy growing up on O’ahu, Paul Kema would hear his dad talk about Miloli’i often, telling stories of how his father and eldest brother would spend summers fishing down at Omoka’a. As the twin of the youngest brother, Paul’s pops rarely got to Miloli’i, but would always look forward to the five gallon tins of dried ‘ōpelu (mackerel scad) grandpa would bring home.

John Ana Puako Kema was born 1899 in Ho’opuloa, a nearby fishing village, but moved to Miloli’i with the rest of the family following the 1926 lava flow that covered the area. Grandpa spent most of his adolescent life there before later moving to O’ahu. His sister Nancy remained and married into the Apo family. Grandpa would always return to spend time with her and the rest of the ‘ohana who still call Miloli’i home today. Generations have passed since then and now uncle Sam Grace (pictured below) is entrusted with taking care of Omoka’a. Paul and the Fitted Fam have spent many weekends camping there with Uncle Sam and remain grateful to spend time in the same waters the Kema ‘ohana has enjoyed for generations.

FP_milolii_vhm_3820Photo: Adam Palumbo

Pa’a Pono Miloli’i is a non-profit community project dedicated to improving the quality of life of the residents of Miloli’i. Through K-12 youth education in fishing practices and cultural traditions they continue to make a difference in protecting their unique way of life. One of their various community efforts is the “’Ōpelu Project,” which utilizes innovative fishing methods that blend science, ocean knowledge, fish lifecycle patterns and traditional Hawaiian techniques. Inspired by the efforts of Pa’a Pono Miloli’i, Pai’ea Projects and Fitted are honoring the “’Ōpelu Project” with this collection. As they strive to strengthen the community’s stewardship of their critical marine and coastal resources we pay homage to their perpetuation of the Hawaiian culture with the “Miloli’i ‘Ōpelu Project” collection. Our goal is to share their vision and give back to support their cause.

Proceeds of the “Miloli’i ‘Ōpelu Project” will benefit Pa’a Pono Miloli’i and their educational initiatives. This limited-edition, three-piece collection is anchored by “The Camo Mackerel” neoprene New Era snapback and accentuated with “The Scad” tank and “The Last Village” tee. The “Miloli’i ‘Ōpelu Project” launches on Saturday, February 4 on, and at the Fitted shop on Kona Street.

FP_milolii_vhm_3798Photo: Adam Palumbo

IMG_7140Photo: Paul Kema

IMG_7144Photo: Paul Kema

IMG_7149Photo: Paul Kema

front back left right underteefront teeback tankfront tankback


Took a quick overnight trip to Hilo to catch opening night of Merrie Monarch 2016 with Halau o Kekuhi and the Sig Zane for Hurley release party that followed.
















Online Store…

online store final

Pai‘ea Projects is celebrating our economic independence as a Hawaiian-owned business, on Lā Ho‘iho‘i Eā with the launch of our online store! Featuring a pre-sale of 40 Fitted x Pai‘ea Projects Nu‘uanu basketball jerseys. Online store goes live at 9am. I mua!

Views from the South Shore…

This weekend we had the pleasure of enjoying one of the best south swells of the summer from a different perspective. My brother Kekaula flew in from Maui frothing at the forecast for the South Shore. Cuzzo, Sky and Kema launched the Capri M. at the crack of dawn to go trolling, found a cargo net, got a couple shibis and lost an ono. They picked us up at Ala Wai Boat Ramp a couple hours later and it was on. Every time we drove the boat through the channel at Bowls, the sets came rolling in thick. As a good friend of mine likes to say, “Mynahs!” Good thing Cuzzo was confident enough to navigate us through the surf, canoe paddlers and crossing surfers. After a short drive toward DH, we anchored right outside of Three’s, and hopped directly into the lineup. SURF, DRINK, PUPU, REPEAT. That sums up the rest of the day for us.


Bowls was FIRING!


PP Koozie a necessity on the boat.


The Hikianalia under some top-notch navigation.


Then there’s this boat, navigated by some donkey.


Kekaula getting warmed up.


If 5 is good, 10 is better.


Nothing like a cold one right after a surf!


Props to bruddah Sky for cutting up the shibi.


It doesn’t get any fresher than this!


In the words of Ice Cube, “I gotta say, today was a good day.”

HURLEY + SIG ZANE at Ka Papa Lo`i O Kānewai…

The Kamehameha Surf Team Pack designed by Pai‘ea Projects x Fitted Hawai‘i drops tomorrow…

For Pai‘ea Projects designing this year’s Kamehameha Surf Team pack–a neoprene New Era snapback and “The Great” tee, which drops tomorrow at Fitted– is a homecoming. Earlier this summer, the three founders of this kanaka maoli-owned brand, celebrated our 15-year class reunion at Kamehameha Kapālama, where we all met and became friends. As students we competed on the Kamehameha Surf Team, and despite having some talented surfers on our team we could not win a National Scholastic of Surfing Association (NSSA) team title.

So as alumni and perpetual teammates, Pai‘ea Projects was honored to collaborate with our boys at Fitted Hawai‘i on this collection. This pack celebrates the Kamehameha Surf Team’s 2013-14 NSSA National Interscholastic Team title that they earned this past summer in California. The squad comprised of native Hawaiian student-athletes from Kamehameha Kapālama and Maui campuses was the only team from the islands, competing against 16 schools from North America. This was the first time in NSSA history that a team made up entirely of kanaka maoli surfers won the NSSA National Interscholastic Championship title. Led by Imaikalani DeVault, 16, and Cayla Moore, 17, the Kamehameha Surf Team narrowly beat San Clemente High 110-107, as a result ending the Orange County school’s four-year reign as national champs.

Their win was a shared victory with all of us that view he‘e nalu as a cultural practice and a sport that deserves recognition from the Hawai‘i High School Athletic Association. Furthermore, we at Pai‘ea Projects feel a lot of pride and appreciation for the educational opportunities that was given to us graciously by Kamehameha Schools’ founder, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Without her generosity, we probably wouldn’t be here sharing Hawaiian culture through various Pai‘ea Projects.

As a brand we came together in 2008 to march against Governor Linda Lingle and Attorney General Mark Bennett and the State of Hawai‘is right to sell Hawaiian Ceded Land. Our first products were red t-shirts for the rally in Waikīkī that were spray-painted with the credo “IMPEACH LINGLE.” Since then, Pai‘ea Projects has grown more than we imagined and our ability to share our culture with the world through clothing and collaboration has been a blessing.

“The Great Tee” is the first t-shirt design that Pai‘ea Projects is releasing to the public and we are so stoked for it to be paired with a Fitted Hawai‘i Kam neoprene snapback. Mahalo to Kamehameha Surf Team Captain Charlie Akao, who is a senior at the Kapālama campus, for being an awesome leader and model for this shoot at Kewalos. On any given day, from October to June, you may see Charlie and the team practicing to defend their five-year undefeated record in Hawai‘i and national championship at this South Shore spot. I mua Kamehameha…

Kamehameha Surf Team…

Keep an eye out for the PP x FITTED x Kamehameha Surf Team release on September 27th, featuring this neoprene snapback and our latest shirt coined “The Great Tee.”


We just want to congratulate our good friends at Sig Zane Designs for launching their new line Forest Cloud by Sig in New York City at the MAN Trade Show. Follow the new line on Instagram @ForestCloudbySig

Pop-up tonight…

Aloha Friday…

Did a quick little photo shoot with @helloashereee in Chinatown yesterday | Canon 50mm 1.2L x 5dmkII

ʻOhana by Hawaiian…

KZ sent us these photos from last Friday when both he and his dad finally got to see (and kiss) their ʻOhana Plane. 3 planes have been completed thus far, and based on the video below, I can see why the painting process takes so long. I canʻt wait to ride on this Sig Zane Designs creation, got my pole ready for Molokaʻi! Oh, and nice shirt btw Kuhao!

#KZX10 Recap…

Kuha’o Zane celebrated a decade of designing t-shirts, textiles and identities for Sig Zane Designs in Hilo this past weekend with an art exhibit and auction in Hilo titled, “10 X 10 X 10.” All of the proceeds from the event, which was held at the Sig Zane shop, benefitted the Edith Kanaka‘ole Foundation. Although “10 X 10 X 10” was a fundraiser, it was more a retrospective look at the evolution of KZ’s designs and precursor to his 31st birthday weekend.

Brandy Serikaku & Kamea Hadar painting on their collaborative pieces for the event. KZ digitally created the 45″X24″ stretched canvases with Kamea and Brandy contributing their artistic interpretations.

Brandy has been working with Sig Zane Designs/SZ Kaio for the past seven years as the design department director and is KZ’s right-hand wahine in the office.

Pow Wow Hawai‘i Co-Lead Director Kamea Hadar flew over from Oahu to contribute to “10 X 10 X 10.”

1001 Stories’ Oz & John flew over to film and hang out… oh and they brought that MB guy, too…Pffft.

These t-shirts tell a color story of Kuha‘o’s t-shirt designs over the past 10 years.

– 7pm Pahtey time! Live auction started at $500 a piece and quickly climbed. Aloha Mondays served up ono pupus for everyone while WAIOLA LIFE, Kona Brew & Kadota Liquors kept everyone hydrated… and then dehydrated.

Ed Olson and Lori Kai checkout the bids.

Why you so gangsta, El? Kaina, Sig, Isaac and Daniel wonder…

Kahina Perkins, Jun Hasegawa and Iris Huddy stay cruising.

Hawaiians! Matt Kema and Cliff Kapono.

Uncle Bobo, Aunty Pili, Cousin Haunani and Aunty Nalani: the whole crew.

That guy: Matt Bruening.

A lot of talented designers have worked in the Sig Zane office over the years: Brandy Serikaku, Kuha‘o, Cody Welsh and Keana Madden.

Kamea killed it with his image of Kuha‘o’s mom, Nalani Kanaka‘ole, on his collaborative Hilo Braid piece.

Brandy’s Na Haumana piece and its proud new owner Logan Ioane-Carvalho.

– All Pau, relocate em to MV’s with grenades for all!

“It’s our party we can do what we want (no drama)…”

Couldn’t bring the Veuve bottle so had to drink em from a pitcher?

Honolulu fashionistas came for party, too! What’s good, Pineapple Ice?!

In Spanish El Bula means “The Bula.” In Hilo, this is a picture of El and Bula.


New York La La La…

Kaimana Beachwear…

#BacardiPoolParty Kaimana Beachwear Fashion Show…

Queen Kapiolani Hotel Waikiki was host to the latest #BacardiPoolParty this past Memorial Day Weekend. Kaimana Beachwear models entertained the crowd with a poolside fashionshow showcasing their latest designs. Babes, bikinis, beers & Bacardi… what more could you ask for on a Monday afternoon?

Van Styles x Primitive…

Photographer Van Styles and Primitive present their full video for the upcoming MIA/LA collaboration featuring apparel and skate decks and our favorite, Ashley Sky.

mahalo KZ for the vid link

Kaimana Beachwear @ #BacardiPoolParty

Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai…

Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai honors both Luka and Edith! Luka and Edith Kanakaole instilled the passion and the kuleana in their children to carry forth traditions. Evident in the second and third generation, their teachings live on today.

As one of her most well-known compositions, Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai, was first performed by the men in 1976 at MM where they wore lei limu. They took first place. This design applauds and celebrates hula in this 50th anniversary year and recognizes the famous composition by Aunty Edith Kanakaole.

Luka and Edith Kanakaole instilled the passion and the kuleana in their children to carry forth traditions. Evident in the second and third generation, their teachings live on today. The ‘Maka Upena’ is the actual hand-cut version of Grandpa Luka’s block print that he made for the halau in the early 1970s.

The lipoa and the ocean current (ke au kaha) brings light on the lyrics to Grandma’s most popular song. The smell of the lipoa seaweed on the beaches was a memorable aspect of driving from Kaneohe to Laie. Aunty Edith Kanakaole penned this song on one of her trips to the Temple. Aunty participated in the competition with her own school, the Halau O Kekuhi.


Pow Wow Hawai’i Block Party…


To celebrate their 75th Anniversary, Hawaii Medical Services Association (HMSA) is holding an Instagram photo challenge this month. For the 11th the theme is “walking,” and they chose to use a picture of Ito strolling on Mamalahoa Trail (the King’s Trail) on Moku O Keawe wearing our Pu’ukohola jersey. Checkout @AskHMSA on Instagram and tell them how much love the jersey and Pai’ea Projects.


Everyone Loves Bikinis…

The Stoli Winter Series fashion show went down yesterday at the Modern Honolulu. Kaimana Beachwear owner & designer Ben Fieman asked PP to come down and help shoot the event. We’re all about helping support local artists, especially during events like this. Hope you enjoy his work!

Kaimana Beachwear: @_sarahaimee, @benfieman & Shelsea Brown

Mahalo @supercw & @kaimanabeachwear for putting together this Stoli Winter Series Event!