This Friday…

Kepaniwai at Maui Thing…

Paiʻea Projects x FITTED Kepaniwai Jerseys are now available on the Valley Isle at Maui Thing, fittingly located in the heart of Wailuku town, on the corner of Market and Main St. We are stoked to be able to offer our product locally at the place of inspiration for these jerseys, just minutes makai of ʻIao Valley and the site of the battle at Kepaniwai. There are very limited quantities so Maui residents get your Christmas presents before its too late! Happy holidays.

Sig Zane Designs x Hurley…

Deals on the wide Thursday night…

Misty Ma’a…

Model: Misty Ma’a
Photographer: Brooke Dombroski
Stylist: Matt Bruening
Shoot: Roam Hawai’i official brand launch on First Friday

Thursday night in Kaka’ako…

Honolulu, HI (September 20th, 2012) –On Thursday, September 20th from 6P to 10P along Auahi Street in Kaka’ako (687 Auahi block)—a little row of the arts community is gathering for a one night event, “BEHIND THE WALL”, to celebrate the work of urban artist John Hina (PRIME) and 808 Urban. 808 Urban is an organization PRIME founded to keep at-risk youth off the streets and to revitalize Hawai’i’s communities through large-scale mural art. All funds raised will go to the work of PRIME and 808 Urban. Tax-deductible donations are being accepted by Pu’uhonua Society for 808 Urban. This will be a chance to explore and interact with Kaka’ako’s up and coming community-arts district.

The event includes a silent auction of various artworks in R/D from area creative’s including Fresh Café, Fishcake, Na Mea Hawai’i, R/D, 808 Urban, Native Books, Lana Lane Studios, and others. Bid on commissioned artwork from Jasper Wong, Kamea Hadar, Jeff Gress and original artwork from some of our best street artists, including Estria, BAM, and PRIME himself. Other items include a limited number of mystery grab bags with creative swag ($50+value) with a $20 price tag, a “complete street” of chalking, walking and talking, thanks to Poni and Brandon of Street Grindz. Bring your own chair, or buy one already painted by Lana Lane Studios art crew NA ALAKAI. All types of pupus offered by Maile and Marissa at ii gallery, where Dana’s Little Black Bag exhibition will be showing for the last night. Catch an improv comedy “PRIME Roast” by Improvhi and the Original Jams Improv Show at the Greenhouse. Our Junior Board youth artists will be selling original art in 808 Urban’s The Refuge, and quick drawn originals will be behind the wall at ii gallery, at great prices-curated by John Koga. There will be a pile of shirts to dig through at low tag prices from a1000x, in4mation, Hawaii Imagination, Lost Kingdom, VERS, 808 Urban and others. Music will be added to the mix, as will a couple food trucks–all in celebration of PRIME and 808 Urban.


Get yours tomorrow at the FITTED store, opening at 11am.

Paiʻea Projects x FITTED Kepaniwai Pack…

Pack Drops Saturday, September 8, available at the FITTED store and online.

The Bitter Water of Battle

The Pai’ea Projects x Fitted Kepaniwai Pack was inspired by one of the most-bitter battles recorded in Hawaiian History. It is said that this was the most pivotal assault for Kamehameha the Great while conquering Maui. In 1790, Kamehameha (aka Paiʻea) led a brutal campaign to take over the Valley Isle while its ruling Mōʻī (King), Kahekili, was conquering O’ahu. As a result, Maui was under the rule of Kahekili’s son, Kalanikūpule, and left vulnerable to invaders. Kamehameha and his peleleu (armada of canoes) landed on the shores of Kahului, Maui with approximately 1200 warriors.

“I mua e nā pōkiʻi a inu i ka wai ʻawaʻawa (Forward, my younger brothers, until you drink of the bitter water of battle),” yelled Kamehameha to his warriors as they advanced from the shores of Kahului.

With firearms blasting and kanaka maoli hitting the ground like ripe ‘ulu falling from the breadfruit tree, Kalanikūpule and his defending-forces were pushed back into ‘Iao Valley. The Maui warriors may have stood a chance were it not for the Western weapons of Kamehameha’s haole homies, Isaac Davis and John Young.

During the bloody encounter, Kalanikūpule escaped to O’ahu, but his warriors were not as lucky. Outgunned and overpowered, the defeated defenders attempted to elude the invading army by climbing the cliffs of ‘Iao Valley, but they were shot down with the cannons of Davis and Young. “Ka‘uwa‘upali” (cliff-clawing) is another name for this violent encounter, which describes the Maui warriors as they attempted to desperately escape the cannon balls.

Ke ʻīnana la me he ‘ōpae ‘oeha‘a (Active like freshwater shrimp), which is said of the scattered warriors who climb rocks and hillsides to escape death.

The Maui forces’ dead bodies dammed the ‘Iao River, and the water ran red with blood. Hence this battle’s more popular name, “Kepaniwai” (dammed waters).

Pai‘ea had many ties to the second largest Hawaiian Island. His mother, Keku‘iapoiwa II, was a princess from the Valley Isle, as well as many of his wives.  The Kepaniwai pack commemorates his conquest of Maui: the red in the basketball jersey and New Era rip-stop snapback pays homage to the blood that was spilled at “Kepaniwai” and the royal bloodline that links Kamehameha to the Kekaulike Dynasty. Many believe Pai‘ea’s biological father was Kahekili, who was one of Kekaulike’s 15 sons. The #23 on the basketball jersey is a shout out to Kekaulike, who was the 23rd Mō‘ī of Maui.

Mixed Martial Artist Ilima Maiava—who is proudly wearing the Kepaniwai Pack in these images—also has a noteworthy lineage. The 29-year-old, Wai Side native is the grandson of pro wrestler Neff Maiava, nephew of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and brother of Cleveland Browns linebacker, Kaluka Maiava. The 6’2” kanaka maoli recently defeated Wesley Golden via TKO in the main event of the Unorthodox Industries Championship 8 at the Lahaina Civic Center. He was undefeated as an amateur fighter, and has a 2-2 professional record. Although the 205 lbs. division was challenging for Ilima, he dominated the 195 lbs. weight class (try ask Wesley Golden) and is planning to drop to 185 lbs. division. As a warrior of the octagon, the native Hawaiian tasted the “bitter water of battle” firsthand, and has a modern-day warrior’s blood running through his veins.

Kepaniwai o ʻIao


The G.O.A.T. (Michael Jordan) was one of the inspirations for our next collaboration with Fitted.

Hau’oli lā hānau e Scott Hawai’i…

20120901-031138 PM.jpg
Props to Scott Hawaii for holding it down for 80 years!

Game Recognize Game…

“While all my shirts have been driven by parody, I have to acknowledge that this is more a work of plagiarism than it is parody, and I am not trying to be in the bootlegging business,” says graphic designer, Wil Fry, about this Givenchy-inspired tribute to Brooklyn Nets PG Deron Willimas. Fry is best known for selling his Air Yeezy II tee for a breathtaking $90,300.

Before you can check your checking account to see if you can afford an Ebay bid for Williams’ jersey, the piece above will not be sold says Fry. “So, this [jersey] will not be for sale and has already gone to a good home,” said the Sydney-based graphic artist on his website. ” Thanks go out to Jonathan Briu and for help on this one.”


20120820-120825 PM.jpg

Homies of the Wa‘a…

Rolled to Ke‘ehi Lagoon, site of many canoe races and State Championships, to check out Malani Alameda, who was coaching for Kamehameha Canoe Club out of Hilo.

Stopped at the Homesteady booth looking for Malani: he no stay.

Rows of canoe paddling commerce. S/O Boom Boom Bikini in the corner. I see you, Ma.

While looking for Malanz I stubmbled upon Cuzzo, Capri and Gooch.

Dea him: found Malani getting one lomi.


"I am Hawai‘i"

Cuzzo, you're over that striped tank top. Let the Hilo swag flow over you.

Atta boy!


20120613-084451 PM.jpg
Taking the sample of the latest Pai’ea Projects x Fitted x New Era Snapback on a test run in New York.

#TBT Bacardi Pool Party…

This picture was taken last summer at the Bacardi Pool Party by Riana Stellburg, and is the first published image of both PP x Fitted jerseys. Go to the next Bacardi Pool Party on Memorial Day, or scan the social media sphere next week to see the next collaboration.


20120518-104616 AM.jpg
Shout out to the homie, Dan Maiman, who is the Marketing Director for Rockstar Energy Drinks. We met fours year ago when I was a public and media relations assistant for the Triple Crown of Surfing, and he was doing field marketing for Vans. My name is Daniel Ito, and his mom called him “Danielito,” which loosely translates to “Little Daniel” in Spanish. I still remember the day we met in the media trails and Dan shared that story with me. We’ve been friends ever since that day, and working with him was one of the highlights of my employment at the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

Zeke wears hats…

Grow Hawaiian Festival This Weekend…

Mauka/Makai Release Party Recap…

Vans Vault Mauka Makai Release Party from Sharks & Rays on Vimeo.

“To celebrate the release of the Mauka & Makai Pack. Kicks/Hi, Sig Zane Designs and Vans Vault took over the Wai’oli Lounge in Hilo Hawai’i during Merrie Monarch Week to party Hilo style.

From the beach to the mountains, Sig Zane for KICKS/HI links with Vans Vault on a pair of releases, which make up the “Mauka to Makai” Pack. The set consists of Vans’ Era LX Premium as well as the Chukka Boot LX Premium, as the Era notes Makai inspiration (the beach) and the Chukka Boot sees a connection with Mauka (the mountains). You can expect the range to become available on April 14 through appropriated retailers such as KICKS/HI in Honolulu and Guam, Sig Zane Designs in Hilo and Saint Alfred in Chicago. They will be available online April 16th at

Merrie Monarch is the prime time to experience the best of Hawaiian language and culture in Hilo. This is when world renown Kumu Hulas, Hawaiian musicians and performers alike gather and celebrate for a whole week. The Wai’oli Lounge release party was no exception, Kumu Hula and Merrie Monarch judge Nalani Kanakaole was the main attraction that night, and at her call her Halau O Kekuhi dancers performed for the guests. We also were graced with Na Hoku Hanohano 2012 Nominee Female Singer of the Year Lehua Kalima, Kumu Hula Napua Makua and her lovely ladies of Halau Na Lei Kaumaka O Uka, Merrie Monarch 2012 winner Kumu Hula Manu Boyd, falsetto singer Bulla Ka’iliwai, and Hilo native Kaumakaiwa Kanakaole to end the night. It was truly an honor to have all of these guests in the same room the night of Kahiko competion!

We would also like to mahalo our sponsors for letting us put on a Hilo celebration! Mahalo to Hilo Hawaiian Hotel, Cazadores, Bacardi, Contrast, Vans, KICKS/HI, and Sig Zane Designs! It wouldn’t have been possible with out you and your support!!”

-Kuha’o Zane,
Sig Zane Designs

Hauoli La Hanau e Sebastian…

20120413-120815 PM.jpg…since we couldn’t be in Honolulu to celebrate his 26th birthday with him this weekend we got the Fitted manager a present. Enjoy, Bas!

Behind the Scenes with PK…

Our designer and photographer Paul Kema (PK) recently “starred” in the Sig Zane for Kicks/HI “Mauka to Makai” by Vans Vault 2012 teaser (video above), which was shot and edited by Luke Aguinaldo. In conjunction with this year’s Merrie Monarch Festival, the limited-edition shoes drop on Saturdy, April 14 at the Sig Zane shop in Hilo, Kicks/HI in Honolulu and Guam, and Saint Alfred in Chicago. Ito caught up with PK before he left for Hilo to attend the release party and after party on Friday night to get the behind the scenes scoop.

Ito: How did you get involved with the Mauka/Makai pack trailer?

Paul: KZ called me up and said the guys from Kicks/HI were coming into town (Hilo), and that he wanted to take ‘em down to Miloli’i. I saw design layouts for the Mauka/Makai pack before in his office and figured Omoka’a would be the perfect place to shoot. Plus, I’m all for any chance to go holoholo down there.

Where were you laying the net and what’s significant about the area?

Omoka’a is my familys’ fish pond down in Miloli’i. My father and his father spent their childhood days playing in the pond. Uncle Sam now takes care of the property, which runs from the road (Mauka) to ocean (Makai).

Did you catch any fish? What kind?

Only some manini and small uhu so we threw ‘em back. We spent, like 15minutes trying to release a couple of turtles that got tangled. It was spawning season for Mullets so my uncle wouldn’t let us cross net the main pond.

Have you and your brother, Matt, did any modeling before?

I did a fashion spread for Contrast. I’m a lot more comfortable behind the camera.

What was the best part of the shoot?

Singing karaoke on the beach! Miloli’i has no electricity, but my uncle has a whole setup complete with generator, lights, TV and Karaoke machine. He loves to sing, and is surprisingly really good, too. After a Mickey’s 40 or two, he really gets into it. Elle and his infamous “Molokai Slide” was freaking hilarious!

Who directed the shoot, and what kind of directing style did they have?

Loksi (Luke Aguinaldo) was filming us. He didn’t really say much, kind of just watched us do our thing and captured what he needed.

What’s your favorite shoe in Sig Zane Designs x Kicks/HI x Vans Vault Mauka/Makai pack?

Mauka (pictured above)!  Love the Sig Zane print and color way. Makai is dope, but I’d never wear that baby blue unless I was on a stay-cation in Waikiki or Tahiti.

Instagram Scavenger Hunt…

Follow @BrooklynHawaii on Instagram for updates on the #ROAMwithQSW Instagram Scavenger Hunt this week. One lucky Instagrammer will win a fashion shoot styled by Quiksilver Women and shot by Brooke Dombroski. See flyer below for complete rules.


Vintage Jordan…