#AlohaNamotu13 Part 4…

Our week on the island was an unforgettable experience. It seemed as if the days just came and went. I was able to get one last session out at Cloudbreak Saturday morning before our 10 am boat ride back to the main Island. It was sad saying goodbye to my new Fijian friends hoping that one day I would return to visit them again. Vinaka Vakalehu Namotu!!!

As we loaded up in the vans that were to transport to our next hotel I noticed a driver wearing an FBI shirt. Not the normal “From Big Island” that I was used to, instead it read… “Fiji Born Indian.” WTF? I had no idea the Indian population in Fiji was so large. Heading back into the city we were dropped off at Jackʻs, their version of Hilo Hattie. Unamused by the cliche tourist crap for sale we ventured off towards Nadi Open-Air Market for a little culture, and that is exactly what I found…

#AlohaNamotu13 Part 3…

When the surf was shit, there were still plenty of other ways to keep entertained in Namotu. Going holoholo with Ulai (the kid from Endless Summer 2 who threw coconuts on Pat & Wingnut), diving & snorkeling, drinking at the floating Cloud 9 bar and exploring the sandbars at low tide. Not to mention, Fiji Bitters at “Happy Hour!”

#AlohaNamotu13 Part 2…

Wednesday night on Namotu island was Fiji night. The local Fijians entertained us with music and dance, and we all sat around and drank Kava. It was fascinating to talk story (with Abbo) and learn first hand a few things about their culture… the hollow clap for males, process of pounding kava, its significance in gatherings and their way of life. Sig and Kuhao shared in hula and the girls even performed a dance of their own. At the end of the night we released lanterns into the sky. I couldnʻt help but smile as I watched everyone laugh as they made their wishes and set the lanterns free.

#AlohaNamotu13 Part 1…

Fiji has always been one of those bucket list places that I absolutely needed to visit. Iʻve watched the WCT contest at Cloudbreak and dreamed of one day surfing there. Thanks to my many new friends from the “Bula Gang,” last week I did just that. It was an unforgettable experience that I will cherish forever! We spent 7 days on the beautiful island of Namotu, a small private island off the coast of Fiji, neighboring the larger and more infamous Tavaraua. Although the winds and swell didnʻt cooperate the entire trip, I still managed to score a few REALLY fun days at Cloudbreak and fished some of the best grounds iʻve ever seen. Vinaka vakalehu to Alan for organizing the entire trip, Scotty & Mandy, the entire Namotu Crew, and all of my new friends who made this trip one of the best iʻve ever had!

Face Value…

Check out the recent HYPEBEAST post for more info on Kamea Hadarʻs upcoming show “Face Value” at Cukui gallery in San Jose, California.

Waikiʻi to Mauna Lani…

Time Lapse…

Hadar x Gress Mural…

We are super stoked on latest mural by Pow Wow Hawai‘i’s Kamea Hadar and Jeff Gress. Located on the corner of Pensacola & Kona St, the painting completes the wall previously sprayed during the Scott Hawaii 80th anniversary. This mural also has sentimental value for Pai‘ea Projects because our designer and photographer, Paul Kema, is depicted on the wall. Go check it out if you’re in the Kaka‘ako area.

#PPPHI Recap…

The champs, Paiʻea Prospects: @kaula_cam and @kapoodles. They were the only undefeated squad of the 16-team, double-elimination Podagee Horseshoe tournament.

It was an epic final filled with drama. Paiʻea Prospects and Team Black Scott traded covers, as the crowd erupted onto the court. @kapoodles was the hero, with a game-saving cover with his last washer.

Competition was fierce, but great sportsmanship was still alive and well. Mikey Scott and Kaulu share a congratulatory hug.

If not for @kapoodles last-washer cover, this toss from Kema would have been the shot of the day. It broke a bunch of people’s “game-ender” cherry.

Team Scott Hawaii came dressed to impress.

The Podagee Horseshoe arena consisted of three courts: Baby Haleiwa, Rock Pile Rights, and Publics.

Bruddah @au_jus dialed in.

@d35 had hard luck as a member of Team HRDLCK.

Good to see some keiki roll through. Young Banksy rockin’ those Air Jordan XI’s like a boss!

Box seats.


Kepaniwai on the wide.

Team Shoots: @Raceism and @OGHunt represented for the Kaimuki Shire.

Mahalos to everybody for rolling through and making this inaugural event a success!

Kona Street.

Vintage Cave Honolulu…

Last friday I had the privilege of experiencing Top Chef finalist Sheldon Simeonʻs food first hand. Like most people who frequent the Shirokiya Yataimura Beer Garden, I had no idea there was an upscale “members only” restaurant secretly hidden below. Appropriately named the Vintage Cave, this unique dining establishment gave me a slight insight as to what Top Chef dishes actually taste like. I was blown away by the flavors and presentations during this amazing 10 course meal and canʻt wait for his return in July. Mahalo to my cousins Janine, Aaron & R&R Solar for such a memorable experience!

All photos taken with my iPhone 4S – missing the bone marrow CHURRO

-kumamoto OYSTER green apple shiso

-golden osetra CAVIAR smoked brioche marcona almond

-BIGEYE chayote clamansi ponzu shisho

-WHITE GAZPACHO lychee charred cucumber

-kauaʻi SHRIMP summer vegetables tamarind marunguy

-cold FOIE GRAS frankieʻs white pineapple macadamia coconut

-smoked AVOCADO fermented mustard cannellini beans tomato dashi

-kona ABALONE sweet corn ogo nori

-IKA braised peanut maitake achiote sea beans

-crispy SHINSATO PORK BELLY mung bean katuday flower sancho adobo jus

-whole roasted LAMB SADDLE beet cherry berbere

-SORBET intermezzo feuillantine raspberry bits

-MASCARPONE carrot chocolate lime pistachio

-mahalo chefs Sheldon Simeon & Chris Kajioka

-the PURPLE chandelier room

-a MUST try wine

-the GALLERY is just as amazing as the food

-till NEXT time \m/

#BacardiPoolParty Kaimana Beachwear Fashion Show…

Queen Kapiolani Hotel Waikiki was host to the latest #BacardiPoolParty this past Memorial Day Weekend. Kaimana Beachwear models entertained the crowd with a poolside fashionshow showcasing their latest designs. Babes, bikinis, beers & Bacardi… what more could you ask for on a Monday afternoon?

Aloha Sunday…

I spent the weekend down at Uncle Samʻs place in Omokaʻa. Itʻs been a while since I visited and it was lucky that my dad was in town and able to head down, too. Growing up, his father used to bring him and his six siblings over from O’ahu every summer to stay with the sister (Samʻs tutu). Itʻs a special feeling knowing that I was enjoying time with my dad in the same place that he spent with his dad decades ago.

Merrie Monarch 2013…

Maui No Ka ʻOi…

Manalani Mili Hokoana English, Miss Aloha Hula 2013

wea ʻāina?…

Find him roaming around the Merrie Monarch and Instagram a pic with him for some Oiwi TV swag.

Random Japan…

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/200 f/2.5 ISO100 50mm

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/200 f/8.0 ISO100 50mm
Subject: Sleeping Bum with Sky Tree in the background

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/50 f/2.2 ISO100 50mm

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/60 f/2.0 ISO100 50mm

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/200 f/4.0 ISO100 50mm

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/1600 f/2.2 ISO100 50mm
Subject: #Selfie, Streets of Ginza


Just a quick train ride from Shimbashi Station, Asakusa is a great place for shopping and sightseeing. Easily recognized for its large lanterns, Sensoji Temple is one of Japans most popular and colorful temples. The shopping street Nakamise is filled with Japanese food items and souvenirs.

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/125 f/8.0 ISO100 50mm
Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/800 f/1.2 ISO100 50mm
Subject: Kanazakura
Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/4000 f/1.8 ISO100 50mm

Ramen, Tsukiji Market…

Besides amazing seafood, Tsukiji Market is also know for serving up great ramen. After a long night out, or for those that just wake up really early, Ramen can be enjoyed at various standup dining spots along the street. If theres a line in Japan, it means its worth the wait!!!

Camera: iPhone 4S
Camera: iPhone 4S
Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/1600 f/2.8 ISO100 50mm

Sushi, Tsukiji Market…

It’s 8am in Tsukiji Market and all I want to eat is sushi. Sushi spots are like ABC stores here so finding the right one isn’t easy. Lucky for me i’ve been here in the past. Can’t tell you the name of this spot, but if you ever happen to wander in here, you made the right decision. I got “Toro Special” with an ice cold Asahi… was the best $40 breakfast i’ve had in a long time!

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/400 f/1.8 ISO500 50mm

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/60 f/3.5 ISO500 50mm

Snow Day Mauna Kea…

The term “you should have been here yesterday” pretty much sums up these photos sent to us from our Hilo friends El Kellum and Miya Tsukazaki. Sunday afternoon the road to the summit finally opened back up with fresh snow and blue skies for all to enjoy. For me, it just wasn’t meant to be as I showed up prematurely on Saturday only to wait 3 1/2 hours at the visitor center hoping the road would open, which never happened. Lets just say I was a little disappointed that rangers were so overly cautious!

Just when it seemed as if there was hope, another storm came through on Saturday which kept the summit road closed

Sunday afternoon was a whole different story

I’m guessing this is why the rangers didn’t want anyone up there in Saturday’s conditions. Buddy was lucky that his wife was able to eject herself before the car tumbled down the mountain. Next time he will be sure to put the parking brake on before stepping out to take a picture.

On the positive side, it made for a nice kicker!

Big Game Hunters…

Our boys from Kaua’i came through once again with some great pictures and stories from their President’s Day weekend adventures on Lana’i. While the rest of us were focused on Pow Wow down in Kaka’ako, these guys were camo’d out, stalking deer in the bushes during the Lanai State Axis Deer Archery Hunt. Somebody call the taxidermist cause this ones going up on the wall!

A Hui Hou, Mālama Pono…

Pow Wow Hawai‘i 2013 closed with a lū‘au on President’s Day to celebrate the end of the week-long art festival and Kamea Hadar’s 29th birthday. The feast was held at the Utopium Estate in Pupukea, and Pai‘ea Projects rolled through in full force to party for our boy’s b-day. In addition to the Coors Lights, fried chicken and manapua for the potluck, we also brought two sets of Podageehorseshoes for all the artists, media and cool peeps to play. The boxes were a huge success and the lū‘au was good fun! Till we meet again, Pow Wow Hawai‘i…

Keawaiki to Puʻu Waʻawaʻa…

I was lucky enough to bid farewell to the Dragon Year and bring in the year of the Snake with my good friends Uncle Sig and Kuhao Zane. After the Chinese New Years celebration ended at their downtown Hilo shop, we packed up and headed over saddle to Keawaiki Bay. Alan Brown, a close friend of Sig, invited them down for the night. I have always heard how beautiful this place was and it was such a privilege to experience it first hand.

Pahu was made from these coconut trees

Gathering Kupeʻe after sunset

Duke Kahanamoku swam in this pond

Gabby Pahinui recorded his album “Gabby” here in Keawaiki

Later that morning we made the drive up to Puʻu Waʻawaʻa. Solomon Apio organized a work day with the men of Halau o Kekuhi and volunteers from UH Hilo. We spent a few hours planting Kauila and Uhiuhi before gathering Kauila wood that would eventually be made into ie kuku.

#9OTW this First Friday…

Pai’ea Projects’ Paul Kema will have a couple of images on display at “9 On The Wall,” a photography exhibit featuring photographers from the latest issue of Contrast at the Human Imagination (1154 Nuuanu Avenue) on February 1, 2013. This free event starts at 5 p.m. and is open to all ages. The photo exhibit will be held alongside Chinatown’s First Friday Art Walk.