Labor Day Big Island…

Still hurting from the Food & Wine Festival the night before, we left Waikaloa and headed up mauka to checkout the Mahiki Ranch branding in Waimea. I’m not gonna lie, it was a little intense. I don’t know what was worse, watching the bulls get their balls cut off or eating them as the freshly fried batch got passed around. A couple bites was enough for me and I chucked it into a cow pie when no one was looking. A few hours later and the branding was pau, we packed up and headed down to Kiholo to spend the rest of this Labor Day weekend straight chillin. Mahalo to Lissa, Jon and the and the rest of the Gendreau Ohana and friends for an amazing weekend!

Paepae o Heʻeia Fundraiser…

Come down and support Paepae o Heʻeia by checking out their fundraiser on Wednesday June 11, Kamehameha Day, at Hula Grill Waikīkī (above Dukeʻs) from 12:30 pm-3:30 pm. The menu looks amazing, with 7 different taste stations featuring high end, local ingredients and cuisine. The raffle prizes are stacked, with 4 Sig Zane aloha shirts, Kūpeʻe jewelry, Patagonia jackets and bags, Fitted hats, Waiola coconut water, Paiʻea Projects gear, a Lychee papa ku’i ʻai, art work, more jewelry, Samoan crab in a cooler, and lots more! Kūpaoa is playing which is always festive. All in all it will be a really fun event, and all proceeds go to a good cause…more fishpond education and restoration.

Please support by buying tickets at or by simply spreading the word to friends who would be interested in coming. Mahalo nunui!!!

Surfers vs. GMO…

Dry Box Workshop…

Paepae o Heʻeia held a dry box workshop, under their grant with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, at Heʻeia Fishpond last Saturday. Dry boxes are awesome to have not only to dry fish, but fruits, vegetables, etc. Traditionally, dry boxes werenʻt needed because there were no flies in Hawaiʻi, however nowadays the box is meant to keep the food sanitary. Back in the day things were just dried on rocks or hung on lines to dry and always heavily salted to aid in the preservation of food. Salting and drying were the only way to preserve food for long periods of time without refrigerators.

Lopaka Aiwohi and Eric Enos (shown teaching above) were the guest experts all the way from Kaʻala Farm in Waiʻanae Valley. Aiwohi is an all around kanaka, skilled in fishing, hunting and all outdoor activities. Enos is a long time Waiʻanae resident who is the co-founder of Kaʻala Farm, Inc., a Wai‘anae based community organization that has operated the Cultural Learning Center at Ka‘ala for nearly three decades.

The men from Kaʻala Farm showed up with 25 prepared dry box kits, complete with color coded instructions. They put in a lot of work cutting all the wood to the perfect size just to make the workshop flow smoother. It paid off because each participant left happily with a completed dry box.

The finished product. Mahalo to Lopaka Aiwohi, Eric Enos, Paepae o Heʻeia and all the participants who came out to make this workshop a success!

Osaka, Japan…

Been a minute since iʻve posted and iʻd like to think itʻs because weʻve been really busy. Although we do have a few exciting projects in the works, iʻve actually been racking up the frequent flier miles since Moku O Keawe. My latest adventure took me back to the streets of Osaka, Japan. Although it was a short trip, we sure did a lot including a visit to Mino Park. For anyone interested in seeing the Luminarie Festival in Kobe… DONʻT! Iʻve never seen so many people in one place, the numbers had to have been in the tens or hundreds of thousands!!!

-we had to settle for the lights in Osaka Station

Ito Dreams of Musubi…

Japanese rice ball technology from Anna Fujishige on Vimeo.

I can’t wait to go to Japan this month and try this for myself…

#AlohaNamotu13 Part 4…

Our week on the island was an unforgettable experience. It seemed as if the days just came and went. I was able to get one last session out at Cloudbreak Saturday morning before our 10 am boat ride back to the main Island. It was sad saying goodbye to my new Fijian friends hoping that one day I would return to visit them again. Vinaka Vakalehu Namotu!!!

As we loaded up in the vans that were to transport to our next hotel I noticed a driver wearing an FBI shirt. Not the normal “From Big Island” that I was used to, instead it read… “Fiji Born Indian.” WTF? I had no idea the Indian population in Fiji was so large. Heading back into the city we were dropped off at Jackʻs, their version of Hilo Hattie. Unamused by the cliche tourist crap for sale we ventured off towards Nadi Open-Air Market for a little culture, and that is exactly what I found…

#AlohaNamotu13 Part 3…

When the surf was shit, there were still plenty of other ways to keep entertained in Namotu. Going holoholo with Ulai (the kid from Endless Summer 2 who threw coconuts on Pat & Wingnut), diving & snorkeling, drinking at the floating Cloud 9 bar and exploring the sandbars at low tide. Not to mention, Fiji Bitters at “Happy Hour!”

#AlohaNamotu13 Part 1…

Fiji has always been one of those bucket list places that I absolutely needed to visit. Iʻve watched the WCT contest at Cloudbreak and dreamed of one day surfing there. Thanks to my many new friends from the “Bula Gang,” last week I did just that. It was an unforgettable experience that I will cherish forever! We spent 7 days on the beautiful island of Namotu, a small private island off the coast of Fiji, neighboring the larger and more infamous Tavaraua. Although the winds and swell didnʻt cooperate the entire trip, I still managed to score a few REALLY fun days at Cloudbreak and fished some of the best grounds iʻve ever seen. Vinaka vakalehu to Alan for organizing the entire trip, Scotty & Mandy, the entire Namotu Crew, and all of my new friends who made this trip one of the best iʻve ever had!

Vintage Cave Honolulu…

Last friday I had the privilege of experiencing Top Chef finalist Sheldon Simeonʻs food first hand. Like most people who frequent the Shirokiya Yataimura Beer Garden, I had no idea there was an upscale “members only” restaurant secretly hidden below. Appropriately named the Vintage Cave, this unique dining establishment gave me a slight insight as to what Top Chef dishes actually taste like. I was blown away by the flavors and presentations during this amazing 10 course meal and canʻt wait for his return in July. Mahalo to my cousins Janine, Aaron & R&R Solar for such a memorable experience!

All photos taken with my iPhone 4S – missing the bone marrow CHURRO

-kumamoto OYSTER green apple shiso

-golden osetra CAVIAR smoked brioche marcona almond

-BIGEYE chayote clamansi ponzu shisho

-WHITE GAZPACHO lychee charred cucumber

-kauaʻi SHRIMP summer vegetables tamarind marunguy

-cold FOIE GRAS frankieʻs white pineapple macadamia coconut

-smoked AVOCADO fermented mustard cannellini beans tomato dashi

-kona ABALONE sweet corn ogo nori

-IKA braised peanut maitake achiote sea beans

-crispy SHINSATO PORK BELLY mung bean katuday flower sancho adobo jus

-whole roasted LAMB SADDLE beet cherry berbere

-SORBET intermezzo feuillantine raspberry bits

-MASCARPONE carrot chocolate lime pistachio

-mahalo chefs Sheldon Simeon & Chris Kajioka

-the PURPLE chandelier room

-a MUST try wine

-the GALLERY is just as amazing as the food

-till NEXT time \m/


With the lack of swell and light & variable winds, we launched “Momilani” and headed out to a spot we rarely get to visit for a late afternoon dive. The weather was perfect and we were all amped to get in the water. Luckily we were able gather a few fish to take home for dinner. Here’s Jeff (@whatakook) with a couple nice ones!

Ramen, Tsukiji Market…

Besides amazing seafood, Tsukiji Market is also know for serving up great ramen. After a long night out, or for those that just wake up really early, Ramen can be enjoyed at various standup dining spots along the street. If theres a line in Japan, it means its worth the wait!!!

Camera: iPhone 4S
Camera: iPhone 4S
Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/1600 f/2.8 ISO100 50mm

Sushi, Tsukiji Market…

It’s 8am in Tsukiji Market and all I want to eat is sushi. Sushi spots are like ABC stores here so finding the right one isn’t easy. Lucky for me i’ve been here in the past. Can’t tell you the name of this spot, but if you ever happen to wander in here, you made the right decision. I got “Toro Special” with an ice cold Asahi… was the best $40 breakfast i’ve had in a long time!

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/400 f/1.8 ISO500 50mm

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Settings: 1/60 f/3.5 ISO500 50mm

Pow Wow Hawai’i Block Party…

A Birthday Surprise at Taste…

Last night Kahina and Noelle threw their better halves a surprise birthday party at Taste in Kaka’ako. Ito & Pono didn’t have a clue what was going on. Friends and family came out to support them and wish them a very happy 41st… I mean 31st birthday!

Do it for Uncle China…


Friday, August 10, 2012

5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Members of partner institutions free (ID req’d).
$10 for adult
$5 for children 4-12
3 and under are free

Join us for an evening of family fun at the Bishop Museum, Honolulu Museum of Art, and ‘Iolani Palace. Each institution will have special events and programs, food, music and more. Free shuttle service between the three will be provided.

Hawaiian Hall and the J. Watumull Planetarium will be open. Offerings including planetarium programs, cultural storytelling, an interactive hula program, and docent-led guided tours through Hawaiian Hall. Families can enjoy educational art activities related to two upcoming exhibitions, Textured Lives and HI Fashion: The Legacy of Alfred Shaheen while live music, three food trucks, and a no-host bar round out the evening’s events.

5 – 9:00 p.m.: Art activities on the Gallery Lawn
5 -1 0:00 pm: Docent-led guided tours through Hawaiian Hall
5:30 – 10 p.m.: Live music on the Gallery Lawn
5:30 – 9:30 p.m.: “Sky Tonight” Planetarium shows (every hour on the half hour)
6:00 – 9:30 pm: “Ola Na Moolelo” storytelling and “Hula Nei” interactive hula program (every hour on the hour)

Paʻiʻai Pāʻina…

The Paʻiʻai Movement is well underway. Come celebrate and support our good friend, Daniel Anthony of Mana Ai, and the non-profit organization Hui Aloha ʻĀina Momona, as the movement rolls forward with gaining momentum. The Celebration of Paʻiʻai is this Sunday, July 1st at The Whole Ox Deli.

Prima Hawaii…

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Prima Hawaii in Kailua, then you owe your palette an apology. PP ate several dinners at the Italian food restaurant, and their food is unreal! Prima uses fresh, local ingredients for their unique dishes, and uses teched-out cooking devices (kiawe wood-fired oven and thermal emulsion circulator) to prepare culinary experiences that can’t be found anywhere else in the 50th State. This is the coolest spot to eat Italian cuisine, and is run by our homies. Shout out to Aker, Lindsey, Kanoe and the VJs! PP was hired to shoot photos of the restaurant for their freshly updated website and brochure. Visit them online HERE to find out more information.

Lunch meeting…

The Whole Ox Butcher & Deli opened yesterday to a hungry crowd of foodies and supporters at 7 am. Located in Kaka’ako on 327 Keawe Street, this spot is the brainchild of chef Robert P. McGee and serves breakfast and lunch.

Instagram and Twitter was blowing up with people’s pics of @wholeoxdeli food. Ito had a corn beef hash boner all morning and called a Paiea Projects lunch meeting. When we arrived the line was out the door and the deli was crawling with socialites, journalists, dimes, djs and some of Honolulu’s coolest kids.

VJs and restauranteers, Kanoe Sandefur and Blaine Tomita, were on the registers yesterday. With the V-Lounge, He’eia Pier General Store, Prima Kailua and The Whole Ox Deli, there is a nice eatery empire emerging for the former party promoters.

Are you trying to hookup with a foodie? Are you a Honolulu hipster? Either way you need a The Whole Ox Deli t-shirt.

The food is moderately priced and the portions are huge. Plus, you can feel good about dropping cash at a local business that supports other local businesses.

PK ordered the mozzarella salad (pictured far right) and it was the perfect side dish to bring to an Italian themed meal at a friend’s house.

It’s a deli after all.

When Papi (Aker) calls, you’d be wise to answer (or grab your food before someone else does).

You know it’s #GetRight Wednesday when DJ Delve and DJ Anit 808 are surrounded by a harem of Honolulu hotties.

Watcha know bout Mexican Coke? If you don’t know, you better recognize!

Roast beef curtain call, dry-rub and tug burger, vato Cokes and a side of mac salad: we won’t answer our phones for the remainder of this meal so tweet before you eat, partner.



Lūʻau …

Pow Wow Hawai’i concluded yesterday with a lūʻau at Hale o Hadar. It was a birthday celebration for Kamea and also a chance for all of the artists,  media and supporters to relax, eat, drink and laugh. Good times were had by all and it’s too bad that we all had to go back to the real world today. A hui hou e Pow Wow Hawai’i…

Chef Mark "Gooch" Noguchi came through with an 'ahi and made fresh poke for the feast, amongst other tasty Hawaiian delicacies.

For the second consecutive year the Hilo Aarons were the imu crew. Chef and graf artist Ryan Nakagawa was also instrumental in the cooking. They dug the pit, lit the kiawe wood, heated the stones, placed the food, directed the garoots, uncovered the pit and took out the grinds from the imu.

Aaron Brown, on the left side of the pork, is Kamea’s boy and a business consultant.  Aaron Gold, on the right side of piggy, is pro surfer and caretaker of a property that is down the street from Hale o Hadar.

The main dish.

Justin Park and Lucky Olelo of the ER Crew sketching out.


Scien of 123 Klan putting his touch on the manequin.

Ogi was so chill.

Go, Brownie! We got him to get an Instagram account yesterday. Follow our boy @Brown96720 now, like right now.

The skull returns!

@ERCrewHI and @JahJahJitsu laughing it up.

Angry Woebots (Aaron Martin) double-shakas, you fakaz!

Prime putting the green bottle down to pick up the pen.



20120220-090528 PM.jpg
…if you couldn’t make it to the final event of Pow Wow Hawai’i 2012 with your Sig Zane apparel.


INGREDIENTS Hawaii from Super 8 Cowboys on Vimeo.

A documentary about the importance of buying local produce and Hawaiian farming, starring our homie, Mark Noguchi. It’s a very inspirational film.