Genealogy of the FITTED x Paiea Projects Hawaiian Throwback Pack

Images by Ito, Kema. Paintings by Herb Kane.

Retracing the footsteps of our King Kamehameha (a.k.a. Paiea) led us on a path that culminated with the birth of our first release, the FITTED x Paiea Projects Hawaiian Throwback Pack. As they say, “You don’t know where you’re going until you know where you came from.

2010 December 15 – The Fitted x Paiea Projects Hawaiian Throwback Pack is born as a commemoration of the achievement of King Kamehameha unifying the Hawaiian Islands 200 years ago.

At Puukohola National Historic Site, sporting the jersey and Kam hat included in the pack. Available at FITTED.

The text on this jersey contains no diacritics (okina/kahako), just as it was printed in the old Hawaiian newspapers.

2010 August 14-15 – Bicentennial celebration of the unification (hookuikahi) of the Hawaiian Islands by Kamehameha aka Paiea at Puukohola National Historic Site. The celebration and ceremony conjured up 200 years of excitement and emotion for everyone in attendance.

1810 – 200 years ago, Kamehameha unifies all the islands into the Kingdom of Hawaii after the chief of Kauai acknowledges Kamehameha’s supremacy.

1795 – Kamehameha takes over Maui, Lanai, Molokai and Oahu.

1792 – Keoua, a rival of Hawaii Island, is enticed to meet Kamehameha at Puukohola to discuss a peace treaty. By the time Keoua arrived, he already knew Kamehameha’s warriors would try to kill him. Most accounts say he disfigured himself prior to his arrival so he would not be a perfect sacrifice. Regardless, Keoua’s death gave Kamehameha complete control of Hawaii Island. The painting above by Herb Kane depicts Keoua arriving at Pelekane beach, just below Puukohola Heiau.

1791 – Puukohola Heiau construction is complete. Thousands of people were said to have formed a human chain, carrying stones from Pololu Valley to Kawaihae. No one was exempt from the labor, from high chiefs down to the commoners. Even Kamehameha himself participated in the construction.

Around 1790 – A kahuna (priest) from Kauai named Kapoukahi prophesied that building a heiau at Puukohola and dedicating it to the war god Ku would end the war in Hawaii, uniting the islands under one rule. Tired of the warfare and strife, Kamehameha follows the prophesy of Kapoukahi.

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