The Flow…

I had the privilege this past friday of meeting and talking story with Prime and Estria, the two artists behind this incredible mural at HCC. Currently unfinished and unnamed, the 185 ft mural reads “FLOW, MAUKA TO MAKAI” with Queen Liliuokalani sitting proudly in the center. Estria mentioned about the message they wanted to convey, “Sustainability in Hawai’i is the kuleana of all of us, big companies and individuals alike.” This is the first of 10 murals to be painted world wide focusing on sustainability. The official unveiling will be on July 7th.

Prime (left) & Estria (right). Prime was one of the artist at this years POW WOW event.

Estria’s patented He’e (Octopus). With the upcoming “Ahi Fever” tournament Prime mentioned how they may add an Ahi into the mix.

Prime explained the significance of the torn image at top. It’s a picture of ‘Iao stream on Maui that shows how the water is being taken from our streams and pumped elsewhere, disrupting the natural flow. Below it is their hope for the future, a futuristic sustainable Hawai’i.

I couldn’t operate the cherry picker so Prime took me up for a better view.

Estria explains the flow of water from the Lo’i to the sea. “Some of the water is diverted from a stream to grow Kalo, which likes cold water and does well with low nutrients. That same water is used for a fish pond, a second food source. The fish like warmer, brackish water. The water and fish waste then feed another crop, in our example, corn. Water will still run off and either return to the stream or ground water. As the water returns to the stream, the increase in MGD (millions of gallons per day) increases moss and other plant life, increasing the number and size of fish like O’opu and Oama. These two fish go from salt water to fresh water. As far as 25 miles out to sea, fish sense the increased stream flow, and come in to feed on the O’opu and Oama. We thus have three sources of food on land, plus an increased fish supply in the surrounding ocean.”

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