Hālau ʻo ke ʻAʻaliʻi kū Makani…

For the first time in history, Manu Boyd and his women from Hālau ʻO Ke ʻAʻalii Kū Makani won 1st place honors at the Merrie Monarch Festival this past weekend. This was their 6th time competing and have fortunately always placed at the hoʻokūkū hula, however just could never get that coveted score to be number one. This year they were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that the judges appreciated their hula. One that was full of heart, meaning, aloha, thoughtfulness, and beauty. Congrats also to all the hālau who competed this year! Hoʻomaikaʻi e nā ʻaʻalii kū i ka makani e!

A judges’ perspective.

Nani nā wahine o Hālau ʻo ke ʻAʻaliʻi kū makani.

Thatʻs my wahine in the middle!

Backstage beauties.

ʻAʻaliʻi and Mōhala ʻIlima mingling.

Manu showing raw emotion after hearing the announcement of 1st-place.

Manu – “How did this happen?” Kihei DeSilva – “Because you are the man!”

The after party was just getting started.

Even Mayor Billy Kenoi showed up.

Hoʻomaikaʻi e nā ʻAʻaliʻi!

The 1st-place winning Hula Kahiko.

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