Holoholo Moloz…

This Molokaʻi huakaʻi was a full-fledged family trip, including 5+ families and then some. We rented a 15 passenger UHaul van and another 10 passenger van to accomodate all the keiki and extra baggage. When we arrived at our beach house, it was exactly the little slice of paradise we all needed to escape the concrete jungle known as Honolulu. The only reason you need to know the time is when it’s 8pm and time to get your hot bread (which I missed). Our stay was short, but the best part was that all the kids got to experience catching some fish, crabs, and whatever else ended up in our nets. Mahalo to our Moloka’i ‘ohana for showing us the ropes down in Moloz. Molokaʻi mo bettah!

Kawelo and his balancing act.

One happy kid!

Blue bone aha

…and off to Whistler (via Honolulu) we go!

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