Hāna, Maui continued…

Being from Maui, I don’t know why I haven’t spent more time in Hāna, but that is something I will have to remedy. A visit to Piʻilanihale Heiau on the grounds of Kahanu Garden was unforgettable. Being able to walk up to the massive walls of the heiau and feel the stones, you really get a sense of how much mana resides at this Hawaiian National Historic Site. Uncle Palani once again dropped knowledge, and everybody listened. Mahalo to Uncle Palani for everything that you do. From hale building, to heiau and fishpond restorations, the lāhui is that much stronger because of all your hard work!

Uncle Palani Sinenci.

Jackfruit, Kahanu Garden.

A couple new friends we made on the way out of Hāna. We chose to exit on the backside, going through Kīpahulu to Kaupō, and eventually upcountry through Ulupalakua.

Thank God for those paved roads.

Shaka you laters, Hāna!

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