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This year’s Podagee Horseshoe Invitational, titled “Horseshoe Bling”, saw its largest, deepest field of competitors to date. Hosted by the boys from Fitted at Hale Niuhi, it was fun times as usual with beers delivered by Geoff at Honolulu Beerworks, good vibes supplied by DJ Jah Gumby of Father Psalms, and some high-quality footwear provided by Kaione of Scott Hawaii. With a brand-new trophy set crafted by David of Blue Star Design and Builders on the line, tensions were high throughout the competition. The championship match provided drama and excitement, as we have come to expect at this tournament. The final match saw last year’s champs, KonaGetIt, up against Team Pai’ea Pani da Puka.

All photos via Cuzzo of Fitted


After a one-year hiatus, Team Pai’ea Pani da Puka (consisting of myself and my brother) brought the hardware back to “The Projects.” My brother, Kekaula (@kaula_cam), won the inaugural tournament as part of Team Paiʻea Prospects.


The stage for the championship match was set…


Ola, our gracious host, and Noyle ready for action.


Bruddahs Justin (au_jus) and Ito (@ka_ito) channeled their inner Marv Albert with the commentary.


Jan-Ken-Po to see who throws first. Like the New England Patriots, we always defer the first toss.


After losing the first match to KonaGetIt, we were up against the odds to beat them twice in a row to earn the trophy.


In the end, we found a way to pani enough pukas to beat the defending champs.


We were psyching to pull out the W!


Mahalo to all the competitors who came out and made this event fun and exciting as always. Can’t wait until next year!

Hauʻoli lā Makuakāne…

Hauʻoli lā Makuakāne to all the fathers out there. A special mahalo to our FITTED ʻohana for inviting us to camp out on the West Side last weekend. The boys definitely know how to run a damn good campsite. What a beautiful weekend it was.

Tent city bitch!

No Stone Unturned…

The moʻolelo of the FITTED x Paiea Projects HILO Jersey
(Releasing Saturday, September 10 at FITTED)

Today we live in a modern world where facts are only proven by science, and truths are only believed when witnessed. We don’t believe in the unseen and miracles are mere coincidences. How then, do we connect to the mo’olelo of our kūpuna? Days of mo’o as big as houses, of kupua that turn into fish, of Maui slowing the sun and of Pele creating land. If one were to sit down and read all the mo’olelo Hawai’i with today’s beliefs on what is true and what is possible, they would seem to be a long list of “fairy tales.” But to those of us who believe in these mo’olelo as our history and truth, the stories give valuable insight to the life of our kūpuna, their values, and their belief systems.

Based on many events that can only be described as kupaianaha, we chose to tell the story of the Naha stone. It is a story that connects two worlds, one of the unbelievable and one of real fact. It is a fact that the 5,000 lb Naha stone now resides in Hilo, Hawai’i at the public library. It is there, living, resting and real. Anyone can go visit the large, magnificent pōhaku and rationalize that no man could ever lift it.

It is said that the Naha Stone could determine if a child was of the royal blood of the Naha rank. Newborns of the Naha line were placed on the stone and a ceremony was enacted. If the child was silent, he was of true Naha descent, a royal prince destined for greatness. If the child cried, he would be thrust among the commoners and his life filled with shame.

Another ancient prophecy says that only chiefs of Naha blood could violate the sanctity of the stone by moving it, and he who moved it would conquer all the islands. Kamehameha was not of Naha descent, he was a Nī’aupi’o. Had he failed it would have resulted in death.

Thou hast spoken the truth indeed, for I have come to try and move the Naha Stone, for by that symbol I shall attain success and live, or shall meet that which will bare my bones.

So goes the story of how Kamehameha overturned the stone, and went on to unify the islands.

Original Image by Dietrich Varez

However, a different moʻolelo gives insight to another account of the history of this sacred stone. An oral tradition speaks of the stone actually being a man named Naha, a family ancestor. It is said that Naha was a kanaka hume malo (loincloth binder), responsible for dressing aliʻi (royalty). This was a sacred job reserved for families of the aliʻi, for the malo (loincloth) contained the mana (power) of the man who wore it. In an unsucessful attempt to take the aliʻi’s malo and assume power, Naha was caught, and as punishment turned to stone.

Until today the ‘ohana that shared this mo’olelo continues to care for this famous stone at Hilo Public Library, as their kupuna have done. For them, this is not just a tale, it is an account of their family’s history that lives on til this day. With this FITTED x Paiea Projects Hilo jersey, we hope to honor the Naha ‘ohana, Kamehameha the Great, Hilo Hanakahi and all the precious mo’olelo that have survived because of our kūpuna. Mahalo nō!

Mahalo to Kuhaʻo and Malani for showing us the ropes in Hilo!

Lawelawe Snap Back…

Anyone who was lucky enough to cop a pair of FITTED x EIGHTY FOUR x VANS is gonna want this snap back!

Camp Fitted…

After too many late nights around town these past few weeks, I finally had a chance to relax. Thanks to the boys (and girls) from Fitted for inviting us out west to the spot. I can’t remember the last time I went camping. It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu and just kick it under the stars. Aside from the foot piercing keawe, it was an amazing weekend. Check out Fitted and Contrast’s blogs for the full story.

Standing 8…

Kema went down to Fitted Hawaii to shoot the Standing 8 Womens Tee. Kema brought his camera, Candice City brought the swagga!

F-Outta Here…

We met up with Ola and Maia at Ala Moana beach park to shoot Fitted’s upcoming release… a girls shirt dubbed “F-Outta Here.”

Slapp Symphony…

Rolling deep with Slapp Symphony, Cuzzo, and the boys from Salt Lake’s notorious “H Building” to photograph the upcoming release of Fitted Hawaii’s “H Pride” New Era and “Kill Them With Aloha” t-shirt.

Kickin it in the clouds…

If you don’t already know, FITTED’s got a shoe.  These photos were taken while parasailing off of Waikiki. After posting to their blog, Internet Sites went crazy, frothing over the highly anticipated release of “Kaholo.” Only 60 pairs exist, good luck finding one! Mahalo to Extreme Parasailing for hooking it up.


River St…

Met up with FITTED at A’ala Park to take some shots of their upcoming release. Everything went smoothly until Cuzzo locked his keys in the car. At least we got the shot.


No Panic, Go Organic!

Contrast Magazine, FITTED & Vertical Junkies spend Veterans day working the ‘aina at MA’O FARMS.

Chee Hu…

Contrast Magazine’s Daniel Ikaika Ito (a.k.a. “ka Ito”) and his modeling debut… Chee Hu!