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Paiʻea Projects Podagee Horseshoe Invitational…



This year’s Podagee Horseshoe Invitational, titled “Horseshoe Bling”, saw its largest, deepest field of competitors to date. Hosted by the boys from Fitted at Hale Niuhi, it was fun times as usual with beers delivered by Geoff at Honolulu Beerworks, good vibes supplied by DJ Jah Gumby of Father Psalms, and some high-quality footwear provided by Kaione of Scott Hawaii. With a brand-new trophy set crafted by David of Blue Star Design and Builders on the line, tensions were high throughout the competition. The championship match provided drama and excitement, as we have come to expect at this tournament. The final match saw last year’s champs, KonaGetIt, up against Team Pai’ea Pani da Puka.

All photos via Cuzzo of Fitted


After a one-year hiatus, Team Pai’ea Pani da Puka (consisting of myself and my brother) brought the hardware back to “The Projects.” My brother, Kekaula (@kaula_cam), won the inaugural tournament as part of Team Paiʻea Prospects.


The stage for the championship match was set…


Ola, our gracious host, and Noyle ready for action.


Bruddahs Justin (au_jus) and Ito (@ka_ito) channeled their inner Marv Albert with the commentary.


Jan-Ken-Po to see who throws first. Like the New England Patriots, we always defer the first toss.


After losing the first match to KonaGetIt, we were up against the odds to beat them twice in a row to earn the trophy.


In the end, we found a way to pani enough pukas to beat the defending champs.


We were psyching to pull out the W!


Mahalo to all the competitors who came out and made this event fun and exciting as always. Can’t wait until next year!

Rules and Scoring #PPPHI…

If youʻre gonna play in the Paiʻea Projects Podagee Horseshoe Invitational (#PPPHI) this weekend, you better know the rules weʻre playing by. Check out the breakdown below, and donʻt forget the main rule…BEER IN HAND!!!


2 boxes should be facing each other, about 15 ft. apart.
Each team throws 3 washers per round.
To play teams, opponents stand next to each other, alternating throws (team that scored the most in the previous round throws first)
Both feet behind the box during throws


1 pt. on the board
2 pts. if the washer is hanging over the hole AND you can see through the washer into the hole
2 pts. for a leaner against the backboard
3 pts. in the hole
1st team to 21 pts. wins, must win by 2 pts.
If a washer lands on top of the backboard, GAME OVER!


If your washer lands on top of your opponents’ washer, you cancel their pts. for that washer
If your opponent gets a washer in the puka, you can ONLY COVER/CANCEL on the CONSECUTIVE THROW
ALL other washers count as normal