O ke kahua ma mua, ma hope ke kūkulu…

“First the site, then the building.”

In a 1910 photo of Heʻeia Fishpond (shown below) there is a hale kiaʻi (guardian hale) at every one our six mākāhā. This vision inspired Paepae o Heʻeia to build a hale kiaʻi at our first restored mākāhā in 2010. Please join us as we reconstruct two new hale kiaʻi at our next two kai mākāhā! We are using this momentous occasion as an opportunity to inspire others to build hale.

– Noelle Kauanoe Campbell, Paepae o Heʻeia

Hale Kiaʻi, literally meaning guard house, serve many important functions for the lokoiʻa. Hale kiaʻi were located at every mākāhā. One of its main purposes was to guard the lokoiʻa from predators, both fish and human alike. Its kapu to fish in or near the pond so hale kiaʻi were set up to enforce the kapu. If people were caught fishing in restricted areas of the pond, the transgression could be punishable by death. Another purpose of the hale kiaʻi was to provide shelter from the sun, wind and rain for workers manning the gates of the mākāhā.

For tickets, go to halekiai.eventbrite.com

The lone restored hale at Heʻeia Fishpond.

Heʻeia Fishpond, circa 1910.

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